Hello Dolly – A celebration of Dolls!

This is a video I made about dolls recently.  Who hasn’t had a doll they loved?  Some people collect dolls, and some have still got their dolls from childhood.  I have not managed to hang onto mine, they were passed down to my sisters and consequently loved and lost.  I hope you spot one of your favorites in this video and have as much fun watching it as I had making it!  The music is appropriately, the Dolly Suite Op. 56 which is a very nostalgic piece of music for a lot of children who listened to the BBC radio programme ”Listen with Mother’

A lot of images have been used in the making of this video.  Special thanks to;-

Reborn dolls here

Alisasinternationaldollart here   including Juanita Montoya, Sylvia Weser Rebecca Major, Tom Francirek & Andre Oliveira, Lyle WongHannah Hyland

Vintage Barbie dolls here  Sindy dolls here

Dark dolls here Scary dolls here  Dreadful and Weird dolls  Creepy Dolls   Dark Romance dolls

Flower Fairies, Chatty Cathy, Tressy, Jem,

and others   dollfashionista    wax dolls       Bleeding Edge Goths    also thanks here and here

Thanks to all!







17 thoughts on “Hello Dolly – A celebration of Dolls!

  1. What an awesome video of dolls. I never liked dolls, though, so my family stopped buying them for me. I put them in my closet. I could not get my imagination in gear with them. I had Breyer horses instead and built pastures for them on the green living room carpet and grabbed boxes and cut windows and doors in them and colored them like a stable to house them in.
    My Granddaughter loves hers, however, so now I am playing with dolls. 🙂 Good post.

    1. Well, that’s different Leslie 🙂 I bet you would have loved ‘My Little Pony’ (which I haven’t included – drat) Have you ever come across these? http://www.hasbro.com/en_GB/my-little-pony/search.cfm?N=251&Ntk=All&Ntx=mode+matchall Now, there wasn’t much you could actually ‘do’ with them, but you could arrange their mane I suppose 🙂 As usual with these sort of toys, the imagination is paramount. Sounds like you used yours at a very early age. Love the way you made the horse boxes! Did you like Dolls houses though?

      1. I loved doll houses. My Granny had a huge one in her basement. It was three stories tall and had 12 rooms we could set up in it. We also had collectors dollhouse furniture she picked up from Northside of Chicago house sales. The dolls for it had legs and arms that bent and fit the furniture perfectly. The dolls in the houses had pets and horses and I made the stable and was sort of the coachman and my sisters worked the people dolls. We also loved going and viewing that huge dollhouse at the Museum of Science and Industry: http://www.msichicago.org/whats-here/exhibits/fairycastle/ We visited this year after year with Granny and my Mother.
        My daughter and now my Granddaughter have huge pretty pony collections. Granddaughter has a carousel ride that moves and all sorts of outfits for them as well as a playground and something else that looks like a beauty salon. She’ll bring sets of them over and we have tea and take them to playground and do their hair and give them rides on the carousel;. Quite spoiled, I am. BUT!!!!! I’d rather she played Breyer horses with me. Received my first Breyer horse from my Grandfather for my 5th Birthday and that was all she wrote. I was hooked!!!

        1. Pretty Pony sounds like ‘My Little Pony’ Its amazing what a bit of imagination can do! Its a shame we lose a bit of it when we grow up. We used to have a dolls museum near us. I loved all the dolls houses and wax dolls (some of them were pretty scary). I was disappointed when it shut, and I often wonder where that vast collection went to.. I was heart broken when I had to leave my very large dolls house behind when we moved as a child. I still think about that house. You must have quite a collection of the Breyer Horses by now Leslie 🙂 Its nice to still get enjoyment out of toys from your childhood. I haven’t got one doll left 😦

  2. Was just wandering around WordPress and a few friends and clicked on a link to land here. Dolls? At first i thought that’s not for me but I started watching and there was Action Man! Brings back memories of many war games and breaking of arms and legs – Action Man’s, not mine.
    Very interesting site you have here. Nice to see a site with some ‘depth’ to it.

    1. Thanks musicman50 🙂 I only thought after I had made the video, that I forgot to include GI Joe! http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=gi+joe+doll&hl=en&biw=1280&bih=569&prmd=ivns&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=wMMVTrW4PIWnhAewoulV&sqi=2&ved=0CFIQsAQ I know that Action Man is still a much treasured (and sought after) doll. After all these years, this says a lot for the childs imagination – what a realm, and rare today when most things are illustrated either by film or images. Glad you visited – appreciated!

        1. I’ve just visited your blog – its a great one too! Coincidently, I recently put ‘the Zombies ‘Time of the Season’ on my facebook a few days ago 🙂

          1. That’s nearly creepy! Pleased you liked them. Will explore your site further over the weekend.

  3. Dolls! Wonderful. I still have my Grandma’s hairless old thing which I used to hug to death each bedtime. It now sits on my windowsill in my bedroom. That was very enjoyable, Lynda. And pleased to see some ‘man-dolls’ in there!
    Hope you’re well. Delighted to see you still blogging.

    1. Yes, thought I’d better slip some men dolls in – though forgot GI Joe 😦 I did have a purple and pink felt hedgehog without any bristles, that I loved. He was a hedgehog because my mum made him – and she said he was a hedgehog 😀 He was called Hedgy (highly original eh). Glad you like the film Jessica – and maybe recognised some dolls from the past 🙂

  4. I’ll be back to look at the video properly and check out the links tomorrow, as I’ve got to get to bed now, but I love dolls… 🙂 I’ve still got one left from childhood, actually was my sister’s but she gave it to me a long time ago. I had a sindy doll.

    A couple of years ago I bought some Robert Tonner ones (need to sell one soon, they were far too extravagant, really) that are beautiful.

    I’m trying to remember the name of a doll maker who’s just wonderful. Will think on it some more and let you know if I remember. Thanks for this post… great! 🙂

    1. Thanks Val, I’ve just looked at the Robert Tonner dolls – beautiful! http://tinyurl.com/3umlsja
      You are lucky you still have a doll left – mine were scribbled on and destroyed by my sisters. I still wish I had my big pot doll with glued on blonde hair. She was called Louise and mum got her from a jumble sale. One of my cousins smashed one of her legs and stuffed her in a wardrobe. I was heartbroken when I found her. What a destructive family I have 😀

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