Happy Birthday Antoni Gaudi! Reblogged

Antoni Gaudi

Today is the birthday of Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi.  Antoni Plàcid Guillem Gaudí Cornet (to give him his full title) was born on this day in 1852 and died in 1926.  It is unknown where exactly he was born, but it may have been either Reus or Riudoms (he was baptised the day after his birth in the church  Sant Pere Apòstol in Reus, though he always stated his family was from Riudoms.

La Sagrada Familia Barcelona

Anyone who has seen Gaudi’s architecture never forgets it.  It is both beautiful yet playful and very very striking.  Barcelona abounds with it.  Gaudi is the best known Catalan Modernist, though he was briefly influenced by neo-Gothic art, he became part of the Catalan Modernista movement which was at its peak towards the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th.

Casa Batilo roof and Gaudi's famous garlic form

Gaudi was inspired by nature and his work has an organic quality to it and shows his earlier oriental influences.  He studied at the Llotja School and the Barcelona Higher school of architecture, graduating in 1878.  He worked as a draughtsman to supplement his studies.

entrance hall Casa Vicens

His first important commission  was the Casa Vicens and after this success he received more commissions.  At the Worlds Fair he impressed Catalan Industrialist Eusebi Güell.  Gaudi was to work on future projects for Guell who became a firm friend an important patron and whom Gaudi did some of his most beautiful work for.

Finca Guell ventilation tower with ceramics

A lot has been written about this enigmatic architect and craftsman.  He has left the world a beautiful legacy  of architecture, and craftsmanship which shows such a purity of vision and just looking at it brings joy to the soul.

Casa Calvet

For more about this remarkable artist  read here

Gaudi’s life and works here 

All images from this fantastic site dedicated to the architect here

Gilded wood anagram designed by Gaudi with the letters JMJ (Jesus, Mary and Joseph
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10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Antoni Gaudi! Reblogged

  1. I love this. Thank you, Lynda. His work is flowing and organic which is what, I think I like most about it. I did not know of him or his name has probably slid by my attention as I have read about several US architects but not opened myself to others. I learn so much, here. Thank you.

    1. Thanks Leslie, I’d really like to go to Barcelona to see this gifted man’s work myself. Even his furniture is equisite! http://tinyurl.com/6dgamn7
      No wonder 7 of his works were declared World Heritage sites by UNESCO!
      You have just given me the idea to start a architecture category on here Leslie 🙂

  2. Barcelona is well worth a trip, ,the parc guell is magical,,,Sacrada famillia I was not so thrilled by but thats probably because it was still a busy building site when we went a few years back with cranes and scaffolding everywhere and its in quite a built up busy part of town so it was hard to get a chance to see any of it either up close or from any distance .We stayed in the Eixample which is perfect if you love moderniste arcitecture,You would love the variety of styles ,its a bit scary at night though,,,

    1. Sounds Fab Lyn! I keep saying that we’ll go, but we never seem to get around to it. I bet the night life is pretty noisy though with lots of revellers (well, it will be when we go 😀 ) Watch out Barcelona – that’s all I can say Lol

  3. We were in Barcelona in 2009, and yes the buildings are amazing. Park Guell was out of this world. Like a setting for another version of ‘The Prisoner’. Over the top but wonderful.

  4. I love works from Gaudi very much. He always mimicked the nature for his structural forms such as roof structures mirroring leaves, arches mirroring rib cages. I appreciate his faithfulness towards naturalism. La Sagrada Familia Barcelona is just amazing. This is such a heavenly masterpiece. I haven’t visited Barcelona yet. I would really love to go there during my next vacation!

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