Weird and Wacky ‘Make it Snappy!’

We read so much about Spyware and CCTV cameras being installed as deterrents against crime.  Then there are numerous stories of stalking and identity theft, as well as court cases involving newspapers violating privacy laws.  Most people really value their privacy, but there is also a bit of voyeurism in us all that makes us just want to take a peek at what others are saying and doing (you’d be surprised at how many people you know on Facebook actually read your updates!). 

When I’m out and about and taking photo’s I am always aware that other people may inadvertently be in them.  Some are quite conscious of this and I must admit it’s quite fun to see them pretend they haven’t noticed as they rearrange themselves and turn so that their ‘best side’ will be snapped 😀  Others visibly squirm if they accidentally walk into the path of a video maker  (I definitely fall into this category  and want to run a mile).  But you never know where or when you may be ‘papped’ or by what!  These everyday items look so innocuous, but if you look closely you will spot their real purpose.  Yes – they are all camera’s!

OK, you probably wouldn’t get away with walking round pointing a tin of Spam at people, but what a fun item.  Pin hole cameras are relatively easy and cheap to make and lots of students make these at Uni.  Though the ones I’ve seen are usually made from a wooden box, there is a lot of scope to be creative  with pin hole cameras (like the Spam tin)  The owner/ inventor of this particular camera has taken some very cool photos with it that can be seen  here.  

There are also instructions about how to make one – all from

 But for the ultimate spy camera, try this tiny one for size!  There’s no examples of what sort of picture quality you would get with this unfortunately.  Well, it is a spy camera!

If you want inspiration for making pinhole cameras, then see this site here

Spy camera image and info here

21 Responses to “Weird and Wacky ‘Make it Snappy!’”

  1. This pin hole camera should be perfect take great shots of all the dopey “pin heads” I know

  2. I took a workshop on making and using a pinhole camera a few years back. I found it absolutely fascinating. The images that can be taken with these are often interesting and artsy. Have to laugh at the Spam one! Thank you for another interesting post, Linda.

    • The idea of producing a mirror image as if by magic is amazing when you think about it. What a great invention the camera is, though some say it was the death of art, I see the camera as a useful tool for the artist (as well as an art medium in itsellf). thanks Leslie – glad you enoyed this 🙂

  3. I dunno, I quite like the idea of photographing people with a can of spam…!
    What a curious and interesting post!

  4. wendywoo20 Says:

    I see the word ‘spam’ and I immediately think Monty Python!
    I use my digital camera for short movies. People forget you can take films with them and are less suspicious, particularly if you hold the camera lower down and use the little screen to track your movie.

  5. “Would you like some fries?” Snap, Snap.
    “Well, I’m not giving you any.” 🙂
    Those are real cuties 🙂

    • Hhehe, I bet people say ‘everytime I see that person they are clutching a box of fries – they must eat all day long!’ The Spam is my favorite bendedspoon! Wonder how you explain why you are walking around with a tin of Spam in your hand at all times though? 😀

  6. If you’re going to use my photo without asking me… you could at least have the decency of giving me a photo credit (Chris Keeney) and a link back

    • Apologies Chris, I had linked to your photostream but not your page. I’m usually quite careful about this, but it does happen occasionally. I’ve now put a link to you.

  7. No worries. people seem to be posting my images a lot lately and not giving the proper photo credit. Flickr is cool, but people are ripping me off like mad on that site. IT makes me not want to post to their website. Anyways. Thanks for adding the photo credit and you can go ahead and delete these comments when you’re done. Thanks -Chris

  8. Please make sure when you click on the image it goes to this page – Thanks

  9. Thanks for doing that 🙂 – If you want you can delete my comments from this thread. – thanks again

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