Happy Birthday Salvador Dali – eccentric individualist

Today is the birthday of the Spanish surrealist artist Salvador Dali (1904 – 1989)  As I have already written a post about the artist (here) I thought it might be fun to take a look at the personality of Dali the man – the fun bits.   This video I think shows the artist’s very individuality.  Dali illustrates that he is all things to all people (and especially to himself) as he struggles slightly to understand the English language    There is also a childishness, a naivity which I find very charming about the artist.  I suspect that under all the bluster there may have been a rather shy, quiet person.

Dali is one of those people who can be unintentionally funny – though sometimes you are not quite sure what he intends (he was after all a surrealist so strange behaviour is almost compulsory)  The advertisers certainly got their money’s worth from the dramatic Dali in this short advertisement.  Who knew eating chocolate could be such a surreal experience 😀

The last video shows some of the prolific Dali’s paintings. Where did all the eccentric artists go?  There doesn’t seem to be any to measure up to Dali the man, for his sense of humour, his talent and his bizarre way of looking at things.  What a great artist and character he was!

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17 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Salvador Dali – eccentric individualist

  1. Great fun, Lynda! Who, may I ask, does not stop and look at a Dali? The other thing I have noticed is the number of people who include him in their list of favorite artists. Thank you for sharing this humor and celebrating the birthday of a great artist indeed. Fun post!

    1. I haven’t come across any people who haven’t heard of Dali – or included him in their favorite artists. I think he and Picasso are most peoples idea of the typical artist (eccentric, slightly mad and very prolific They are only missing a garret to starve in (though lots of Dali’s work ‘disappeared’ mysteriously towards the end) LOVE Dali – glad you do too Leslie! I find him very endearing and wonderfully eccentric – a great character as well as a talented artist. I saw a great deal of his drawings and sketchbooks once – and was STUNNED! What a wonderful draughtsman this man was too!

  2. I just love his work. He had such a crazy genius which had so many hidden messages. No one like him around now. Another great post, Lynda.

    1. You’re right Jessica – I can’t think of any other artist today who has anything like his charisma. We always tend to think of film stars having these personas (like the Late Elizabeth Taylor being one of the last Hollywood legends) but I suppose artists like Dali and Picasso and Warhol had this kind of Hollywood persona, but in the art world. Glad you liked this post Jessica!

  3. Such a clever man. I love that painting with the clockfaces melting and bending. I wonder how he would have used social network sites and Twitter today??!

    1. Hheh I think he would have probably put some enigmatic phrases on his facebook! Twitter posts would probably consist of just @Dali 😀

  4. Wow, what a guy.
    I never really knew too much about him except that he was a surrealist painter.
    I think the label ‘renaissance man’ truly fits him

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