The Art of Childhood

Childhood has featured a lot in art and many artists have captured those bygone days where the sun always shone and the school summer holidays seemed to stretch out forever.  How wonderful it must have been for the sitters of these paintings to look backwards at themselves forever young  – and how lovely it is for us the viewer to sit back and enjoy the legacies of these artists!

  Many artists work  are featured in this video, see how many you can recognise.  To start you off, here are the first few.  To see the rest please look under the video on Youtube at ‘show’ to reveal the rest.  You may be surprised 🙂

1.mary cassatt- little girl in a blue armchair
2.mary cassatt- the sisters
3.james jacques joseph tissot- a little nimrod
4.stephen gjertson- admiration
5.thomas gainsborough- the painter’s daughters with a cat
6.thomas eakins- baby at play
7.william michael harnett- attention company
8.sir joshua reynolds- the brown boy
9.sir thomas lawrence- the calmady children
10.mary cassatt- child in a straw hat
11. ” – children playing on the beach
12. ” – francoise in a square backed chair read (aka young girl reading, young girl in a blue dress)
13.mary cassatt- sarah in a green bonnet
14.sir thomas lawrence- children sir john julian

Video by ilkea – thanks!

Music: Albinoni-Adagio from Oboe Concerto in D minor Op.9 No.2

10 thoughts on “The Art of Childhood

  1. Who was the earliest artists that painted little children to look like little children instead of little adults? I know much of that style persisted into 1700’s.

  2. Wow. makes me want to paint more of my granddaughters than I already have. I liked the music for this video as much as the selection of art. I like how you said the people could look back at themselves forever young because that is the feeling I had while viewing this; how caught in time they all appear. Good post, Lynda. I had not seen all of these.

    1. Thanks Leslie! I often think it must be fascinating to actually have a painting of an ancestor, but often we have to make do with a photograph. Your granddaughters are lucky in having an artist like youself to capture these precious moments in time 🙂
      The music of this video really suits the subject matter. I find this an important aspect too. I looked at one great video for a different project but ruled it out as the music just didn’t suit it at all 😦

  3. Some excellent painting there.
    I was chubby as a small child so i’d probably need an extra page. lol
    I only ever done one drawing of a child
    one of my sister and niece, my sister 10 and the niece a baby. lol

  4. Only done a couple of children portraits, one in pencil which I did have a copy of but can’t find and this one of a relative (you may spot her on my facebok though she’s much older now.)
    never did finish it off, was on to the hair and got distracted :-0 it’s in soft pastel

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