Discovered and Uncovered Heidi Keyes

Bills First Wife

WordPress blog     Art of the Day   can always be relied upon to feature interesting art.  It also has it’s own Facebook page, which is where  I first saw this artist.  Once seen, I just had to take a further look!  Heidi Keyes is an artist who spends her time either painting or flying (she is also a flight attendant).  She divides her time  between Milwaukie, Denver when grounded, and the rest of her time is spent flying around the world.

Her wild contour paintings are full of colour energy and life –  her technique   a combination of intuition and emphasis.  Though the artist does paint realistically occasionally, she  prefers to experiment with exaggerated line.  The artist’s way of working is explained below;-

“I depict various stages and situations of the human figure in my work. These images are selected to express the incompleteness of humanity, a continuous search for truer answers. I look to the moment when one finds oneself on the precipice of a life-altering decision, reluctant to continue, but too far gone to turn back– the past and the future expressed in a single brushstoke of delicious uncertainty. I use washes to achieve this effect of impermanence, and allow them to drip freely down the canvas, embracing spontaneity in my work, as in my life.” 

Rainy Day Girl

The paintings are quite arresting and there is a sense of immediacy –  that they are of the moment.  Energy and life  spring out of these loose spontaneous paintings.  They are startlingly honest and refreshingly unrestrictive.

“The way I look at painting is the way I view my life– nothing is ever certain, and often the best results come from mistakes.”

The artist started experimenting with her technique because she became frustrated with the excruciating detail of art and she found  that her pursuit for perfection was actually impeding her artistic expression.  Her love of blind contour drawing lead her to experiment with the brush – and her art became ‘freed’!

I was pleased and surprised at the level of sophistication achieved through the use of simplistic lines and connected forms. The figures I created were uncertain, unsure, and often pensive, but my lines were confident and bold.

Crossing the Liberty Bridge Budapest Hungary

 Not only does the artist paint figuratively, she has also produced a series called ‘Fly’ which consists of paintings she has done in hotel rooms around the world.  I particularly like her use of colour in these paintings, my favorite being The Liberty Bridge Budapest Hungary from this series.

Heidi Keyes website can be found here and is well worth the visit 🙂

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18 thoughts on “Discovered and Uncovered Heidi Keyes

  1. I have a fascination with looking at art with line as a dominant. Wow! I like it that she combines continuous line with the idea of it being a continuous search for answers. I chuckle about “Bills First Wife” and I would hang “Rainy Day Girl” in my home. Just love the figure lifting her face to the rain. Thank you for introducing me to this artist, Lynda.

    1. I thought you might like this Leslie! I’ve done blind contour drawings but never with paint, really fancy having a go at this myself 🙂 Bills First wife made me chuckle – the emphasis of certain lines speaks volumes 🙂

  2. I love the concept that it is in our imperfection that we become more human, and who we were meant to become–learning and relearning from our mistakes. Love this artist–and her work!!!

  3. I tried this continuous line drawing once.
    Interesting technique.
    This woman is good, though she like to depict women in a slightly creepy manner. probably she is a woman scorned and these are her partners lovers..
    lol. All of those armless jackets. ha ha

    1. Oh I don’t know about that K 😀 I did one of these drawings last year – and the strangest face appeared from it (it was a man). Must do some more – but with paint. Glad you enjoyed it as much as I did – Heidi is on Facebook if you want to make friends 🙂

  4. Wow, echostains, thanks for passing on your discovery. What a tremendous way to deal with the hours a flight attendant has to spend in hotels. I, too, really appreciated Bill’s First Wife and Rainy Day Girl.

    1. Thanks souldipper 🙂 I know that she does the landscapes from the hotel windows, I would think that she must do the paintings at home (but I could be wrong). Bills First Wife is a favorite of mine (I feel there could be a bit of a mystery behind this one 🙂 ) Rainy Day Girl is just an absolute delight! Looking forward to seeing other new work from this artist 🙂 Thanks for commenting – appreciated!

  5. I really like those paintings and the slightly off centre style of colouring. I could live with those on my walls!
    Am I the only one though who finds artists’ explanations of their work to often be ‘pretentious twaddle’ – my dad’s favourite phrase for art!!
    Very interesting again, Lynda.

    1. Glad you like the work Jessica 🙂 The debate about artists explanation about their work is on the David Hancock Time to Pretend thread

      and is now closed. The whole explanation of artspeak and why they do it is there. The ‘debate’ about this led to other things and unfairly swamped the actual subject, which was after all the artists work, so I will be careful about this in future. All I can say about your Dad’s opinion is ‘ to each his own’ 🙂

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