Scottish artists – A celebration

To commemorate Burns Night, the greatest Scottish poet (tonight) I have compiled a special video of Scottish artists and artists associated with the National Galleries of Scotland.  Favorites of mine include Allan Ramsay, Anya Gallaccio,Duncan Grant George Leslie Hunter, Glenn Onwin, RB Kitaj,Joseph Crawhall, Norman Edgar, Oskar Kokoschka and Robert Burns! Which are yours?

To further the Scottish theme, there is a post about Robert Burns and a poetry competition over on Bookstains.  Don’t worry the entries don’t have to be written in the Scottish language but that would be GREAT also 🙂

Just click on Rabbie to enter

PLUS 26th January Happy Birthday to Jackson Pollock  earlier post for those who missed it here

8 thoughts on “Scottish artists – A celebration

  1. Wow, Isaac Cruickshanks swan is incredible.
    Such and interesting tone to it.
    Kind happy and tragic at the same time if that makes any sense.
    Enjoyed this video Lynda

  2. Ah…I have kiln wearing neighbors who are celebrating the poet with drink and Kentucky drawled recitations of his verse! Nice array of artists in your tribute and I was unfamiliar with most of them. Some are surprises for being Scottish. Hard to choose just one artist based on single works. Thanks for putting this together!

    1. Hhehe I’ve heard some of those on youtube 🙂 Over on Bookstains I picked a video with the subtitles at the bottom… Having said that, it IS a fabulous accent in its own right whether understood or not 🙂
      When I was picking these, I thought the same as you until I read that some are not Scottish but their work is associated with the Scottish galleries. I did start to wonder when I saw Turner….. was sure he was born in London’s Covent garden 😀

  3. I liked that Kokoschka so much I googled more of his images. Did you write about him previously, Lynda? I saw John Singer Sargent stuck in there. I like and highly respect his work. I know he lived in Europe but thought him to be an American artist? Anyway, I like when you do this because I don’t know these artists and I go googling and browsing through their work. Thank-you!

    1. Oskar Kokoschka is one of my favorite artists Leslie 🙂 As with Bacon and Soutine (more favorites) I haven’t wrote about them…..yet 🙂 I suppose I’m savouring them and want to do them justice lol
      Sargent is an American artist. I was puzzled by a few of these artists myself (Turner being one) But then I read that pieces their work were in the Scottish galleries, so they are kind of ‘Scottish by association’ 😀
      Here’s the link for the Scottish galleries – the collection is vast! I just skimmed the surface. How I’d love to go to these galleries!

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