Weird and Wacky – Clock this!


Time Killer

It’s ages since I wrote a weird and wacky post.  As far as I know I’ve never written a post featuring clocks.  I just couldn’t ignore these unusual ones!  For people with time to kill how about this ‘Killing Time’ piece.  I’m not too sure about the fake blood – and I wouldn’t fancy being underneath it if it fell off the wall, but you must admit – it’s a highly original clock and a real attention seeker – real cutting edge 🙂

time teaser

Never  mathematically inclined, I would find this formula hard to crack or work out.  I do however really like this very contemporary time piece and would certainly have it in my house (even though I wouldn’t be able to pronounce which equation the time equaled!

Astrological clock Prague

I’ve actually seen this particular clock.  It’s  a famous landmark in Prague – a wonderful city.  The clock dates from about 1410.  According to legend, the man who made the clock then went blind – so could never make another one.  The skeleton adds an  interesting and grisly touch as he strikes the time upon the hour.

More  Weird and Wacky posts coming soon 🙂

PLUS The Poetry Challenge (The Hepworth Challenge is still underway over at Bookstains – please join in the fun!)

just click the image

Images from here here and here  and here and there’s awonderful clock blog here

19 thoughts on “Weird and Wacky – Clock this!

  1. The astrological clock is gorgeous! (I could do with the skeletons, though). The math clock would appeal to my older son; he has all the math in his head. But I suspect he’d have issues with nine o’clock. pi minus .14 is not precisely 3!

    1. Hhehe when I read about the Maths clock, I did wonder if I should include the pi information….I thought nah no one will spot that…lol
      Well spotted:-)

  2. Interesting post on clocks, Lynda. I have a “Whatever Clock”:
    Now, this is really weird. You posted this post today and my ten year old Whatever Clock has been losing time ALL DAY! Talk about WEIRD! I just replaced the battery the week before Christmas!

    1. I just had a look at your ‘whatever’ clock Leslie! I wish I had spotted it and included it here – it looks great fun 😀 Fancy it stopping eh – there’s definitely something in the air (probably damp) lol
      We’ve had a lightbulb a day going popping in our house. I wonder why bulbs appliances and such all seem to come out in sympathy with each other and conspire to expire at the same time? Talk about ‘take me with you’ 😀

    1. Yes it has fairytale qualities! That sharp one could be dangerous though! I think it would look good in a big working kitchen (and handy for a spare blade lol)

  3. I like those, especially the Prague clock, though preferably without the skeleton!
    A friend of mine has a clock which has a hollow square as the face and it rests on a slowly turning cog. You read the time from whatever number is at the top. It’s just so weird to see the clockface turning not the hands!
    I like Gothic things so this one caught my eye –
    Happy Sunday!

  4. Hey I just had a look – LOVE it! It reminds me of Dali’s ‘Persistence of memory’ clock 🙂 I also like the idea of your friends clock where the clockface turns instead of the hands! Happy Sunday to you too Jessica 🙂

  5. Oh all of these clocks appeal to me in different ways, Lynda. The astrogolical one is very intriguing because of all that must have gone into its construction. Is there any such skilled craftsmanship these days?

        1. Don’t know really. Plenty of clockmakers (and I don’t want to start an arguement with em thanks lol) Also lots of imaginative people (and I don’t want to start an arguement with them either lol)
          Its a large scale work with a touch of the macabre and Gothic which is from another time and appreciated for its beauty and because its from another time…
          thats all – no hidden agendas heheh 🙂

    1. Thanks Al! Must admit I’m finding it hard to come up with really unusual items for my Weird and Wacky category now. The same happened with the teapots. Still, as one avenue closes – another opens up 🙂

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