The Ghosts of 2010

Although I have cut down on my  posts from one per day to one every 4 or 5 days in 2010 starting in August, I managed 256 posts.  I hope to improve on this year and continue to build up Bookstains, which is proving popular. This year Echostains celebrated 16 artists birthdays (another area I intend to improve on).  Some earlier categories have gone and I have plans for some new ones.  This year saw the arrival of slide shows and polls.  WordPress is a learning process and I’m still learning:-)

PS This video was completed in 2010 and was supposed to go on New Years day.    I have had to revise it because it was originally over 20 minutes long 😀

14 thoughts on “The Ghosts of 2010

  1. Well, it was certainly worth all your hard work, Lynda! That was amazing.
    I loved the shoes, but not enough to want to actually try walking in them. The teapots caught my eye as well – you seem to have a thing about them as I notice there’s a teapot link on your blogroll – and especially the link with Alice. Have you seen Tim Burton’s ‘Alice In Wonderland’? I thought it was visually wonderful and Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter was brilliant. Mia Wasikowska was perfect as Alice and is soon to be seen as Jane in the new ‘Jane Eyre’ film (there’s a trailer here if you are interested – ).
    I think you should aim to produce one of these videos at the end of each month – now’s there’s a New Year’s Resolution for you!

    1. Thanks Jessica! I have seen Tim Burton’s Alice. The visuals were amazing, including the 3D effects. I nearly had a heart attack when the Cheshire cat projected itself into the audience! I do have a soft spot for teapots and used to feature them regularly, but it’s getting harder and harder to find really unusual ones. I don’t know about one of these videos a month though 😀 It might show up how often I blog…. 😀 For one year I posted every single day – a lot of hard work, and I found that my life was taken up with it, I was so frightened of missing a post! I intend to blog more this year compared to the last few months 0f 2010 though. I’m off to watch the trailer of Jane Eyre..which I will probably review over on Bookstains. Happy New Year!

  2. What an awesome video, Linda! I recalled all the moments I came to visit and view your posts. Seeing many of the images, in a row, remind me of how wonderfully diverse your posts are and how unique. Here’s to another year of visiting this wonderfully informative blog!! Happy New Year!!!

  3. Thanks Leslie! and a Happy New Year to you too! I’ve not forgotten about the interview either, I’ve compiled some of the questions and will be sending them to you soon. I really need to do more interviews this year (and more posts)
    Did you spot the mistake in the video? Vlanminck self portrait had somehow shuffled itself into the middle of Yves Klein – and too late to correct it 😀 Still learning about youtube….:-D

  4. You had a wonderfully productive year Lynda as your video proves. Here’s hoping that 2011 has many highlights. You have a gift for putting these posts together. Thank you again for the interest you have shown my work. I can’t wait to see and read what you come up with next!

    1. Thanks Al! I’m going to try to blog more this year. I predict that you are going to have many more new visitors on you original and unique blog this year! The word is out 🙂
      I’m loving doing these little youtube films so much too! I have many more plans for them – watch this place
      Happy New Year to you and Yours!

  5. Lynda, I really enjoyed your year end time capsule. Oh those teapots and bog folk! LOL. Looking forward to your new year’s antics. Sounds like you’ve got Al’s art on your radar for some positive exploitation. Grins. Peace.

    1. Thanks Eva! Glad you liked the video, I enjoyed doing it even though it did turn out overly long 😀 I’ll be doing lots more this year – and I have you all on my radar :-D…….. mysterious eh….. now how do I do an enigmatic smiley? 😀

  6. Well, well, well.
    I enjoyed this video.
    Those bog bodies, i’d forgotten about them.
    It’s a great idea to do a video highlight of the year.
    You’re proving to be getting more tech savvy.

    1. Thanks K! It took ages to do, that video, but I enjoyed doing it ;-D
      The Bog bodies are something I’ve always been interested in, but I don’t know if I will continue with them, Some of these categories just fade in and out. Only the art keeps going 😀 Happy 2011!

  7. I can tell you one thing, dear.. this was definitely worth your time and effort!! 🙂 Totally enjoyed it!
    I hope (and am pretty darned sure) you are having an AWESOME year …
    Stay happy, my friend!!

    1. Aw how lovely Kavita! Just the thing to cheer me up too! (flu virus) I’m so flattered you watched it all the way through too 🙂 The hardest thing is choosing the music. So far I’ve just had Classical music (which I am getting back into) – but anything can happen 😀
      A Happy 2011 to you and yours! Hugs back xxx

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