Happy Birthday (again) Edvard Munch!

Today is the birthday of Edvard Munch (1863 – 1944) Norwegian Symbolist artist and printmaker and a forerunner of the Expressionist art movement .  There a quite a few videos to choose from which feature his work, but I rather like this one because of the way the music seems to capture the mood of his work. The music sounds to me like it comes from Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells.

An early Echostains posts explores this artist further and references his most famous painting ‘The Scream’ and where the idea may have come from.


12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday (again) Edvard Munch!

  1. He has such a distinctive style, doesn’t he? It almost has a cartoonish edge to it, the way he uses the brushstrokes. The faces of his characters are unique too. I’m not sure I would want one of his paintings on my wall but I would enjoy seeing them in an exhibition.

    1. Munch was such a prolific artist especially with his prints, etchings, lithographs and woodcuts and he worked about 50 years!. He always comes across as a solitary and lonely figure though. His work seems to have been everthing to him.
      He left the Oslo Museum all his paintings and drawings. The Munch Museum alone holds over 17,000 prints – amazing:-)

  2. When I found out about Munch, I had to buy a little book about him. I am so intrigued with his use of shape and value and how he captures movement in shapes that are really set on in a static manner. I love this about his work! The somberness of his work does get to me after a while and I need to let those images rest and come back to them in spurts. Yes. Good choice of videos because of the music. 🙂

    1. I love his work too Leslie – but it can seem a bit opressive at times. Munch never seems to have much fun in his paintings and prints, his personal life was very tragic too. I see him as a bit of a recluse, locked in his own lonely world.:-( Great artist though:-)

  3. His work is so dark — yet effective and engaging. But not exactly conducive to lifting one’s spirits–with a few exceptions. Music does fit nicely, Lynda. Some of these images would match the current mood of many Americans–Let’s all SCREAM really loud!

    1. Hi Eva,
      I’m screaming really loud!!!!! May I add that many of the Native American faces, following the abuse they suffered, were much like Munch’s peoples’ faces. Portraiture of Native Americans, at that time in their history and since, might appear as these if the artist was honest. Just food for thought……

      1. Oh Leslie—indeed, how to apply Munch’s expression of grief and despair to those “prohibiited” from tradtional expressions of grief at Wounded Knee. Hi. What a connection to make—ooo your mind is very intriguing, dear painting lady.

    2. We are having a kind of manic mood here at the moment 47whitebuffalo – with rioting. So thats us screaming too:-(
      Munch screams silently – but its still painful:-(

      1. Oh yes, I’ve been trying to follow ‘your’ screamers–especially the students with the tripling of education cost. I do not blame them for screaming at all. It’s such a KICK in the head on so many levels.
        Or were you referring to OTHER screamers?

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