The Wonderful Myth

I’ve just come across this video about the ever popular Pre-Raphaelite painters.  Some of the artists, I am not familiar with – Edward Roberts Hughes and Charles Lock Eastlake are two of them.  But the video is just the thing to transport the spirit into another age (Victorian)- then into  yet another age (the ancient world of myth).  It just goes to show that a good story never dies and shall always linger on in our collective romantic memory:-)   The video is rather long and the music is by Vengellis (not a fan) but the paintings both recognised and unfamiliar are a veritable feast for the eyes 🙂

The video is by gilcarosio – thanks!

PS Things are hotting up over at my other blog Bookstains!  More poems have been added to the Dickens challenge:-)

Just click Charles to have a look – and perhaps join in:-)

10 Responses to “The Wonderful Myth”

  1. Well.I was not bored by the length of this, Lynda. I have to thank you for providing this site as I find it a joy to come here and view what you select in the way of art. I can catch a post and feel as though I have learned something and , oftentimes have a fresh vision to ponder when I leave. I really enjoyed viewing this collection.

    • Great Leslie! There’s a lot here that I had never seen before, including some whose artists came as a bit of surprise to me:-) I love what the Pre Raphaelites did – its a real joy to view their work! Their subject matter transports me back to my childhood love of myth. The Gods in particular used to fascinate me. A bygone time.
      The echostains concept has never changed really – only the form. The art and blog is the stain – and readers provide the communication….. AND vice versa:-D

  2. Like Leslie, I enjoyed this video very much, Lynda. Thanks for all the eye ‘candy.’

  3. Thanks 47 whitebuffalo! and for voting for me:-) I’ll have to start using this facility myself – I do use the like button sometimes but I sometimes forget about the vote one. Thanks for reminding me:-)

  4. What a treat–that was transporting. Thanks!

  5. Glad you liked this Jane:-) long time – no see, glad your back!

  6. artistatexit0 Says:

    Just catching up with everybody! Loved the video with its fresh material. The fair city I live in boasts many Victorian homes where some of these paintings would look just fine. Thanks Lynda…you get my vote too.

    • Thanks Al! Some of them were unfamiliar to me. What a lot of paintings they did though – such a lot of artists joined that brotherhood, more than I first thought……

  7. A pretty impressive collection of painting there.
    I confess, there are a lot of them that i dont recognise. lol

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