The Wonderful Myth

I’ve just come across this video about the ever popular Pre-Raphaelite painters.  Some of the artists, I am not familiar with – Edward Roberts Hughes and Charles Lock Eastlake are two of them.  But the video is just the thing to transport the spirit into another age (Victorian)- then into  yet another age (the ancient world of myth).  It just goes to show that a good story never dies and shall always linger on in our collective romantic memory:-)   The video is rather long and the music is by Vengellis (not a fan) but the paintings both recognised and unfamiliar are a veritable feast for the eyes 🙂

The video is by gilcarosio – thanks!

PS Things are hotting up over at my other blog Bookstains!  More poems have been added to the Dickens challenge:-)

Just click Charles to have a look – and perhaps join in:-)

10 thoughts on “The Wonderful Myth

  1. Well.I was not bored by the length of this, Lynda. I have to thank you for providing this site as I find it a joy to come here and view what you select in the way of art. I can catch a post and feel as though I have learned something and , oftentimes have a fresh vision to ponder when I leave. I really enjoyed viewing this collection.

    1. Great Leslie! There’s a lot here that I had never seen before, including some whose artists came as a bit of surprise to me:-) I love what the Pre Raphaelites did – its a real joy to view their work! Their subject matter transports me back to my childhood love of myth. The Gods in particular used to fascinate me. A bygone time.
      The echostains concept has never changed really – only the form. The art and blog is the stain – and readers provide the communication….. AND vice versa:-D

  2. Thanks 47 whitebuffalo! and for voting for me:-) I’ll have to start using this facility myself – I do use the like button sometimes but I sometimes forget about the vote one. Thanks for reminding me:-)

  3. Just catching up with everybody! Loved the video with its fresh material. The fair city I live in boasts many Victorian homes where some of these paintings would look just fine. Thanks Lynda…you get my vote too.

    1. Thanks Al! Some of them were unfamiliar to me. What a lot of paintings they did though – such a lot of artists joined that brotherhood, more than I first thought……

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