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The Canvas Pavement

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'Chaff' Covent Garden

Everyone has seen pavement artists at work from time to time in their city .  Usuall, they will painstakingly chalk a famous and instantly recognisable painting onto the pavement for passers by to admire and donate money to.  But in recent times there has been a spate of breathtaking ‘3D’ optical chalk drawings that are refeshingly new and innovative  – drawings that trick the eye and make you gasp.

the magic of 3D

The art of 3D street art is an exacting one.   It is a kind of trompe l’oeil, (which means to deceive the eye) and it is optical illusion that appears in 3D form.  

Easy Jet also by Manfred Stader

Manfred Stader began pavement painting during his artistic studies at the Städel Art school in Frankfurt at the beginning of the 1980s .   In 1985 he became a Master Modonnaro (master street painter).  This title was awarded to him in the largest international Street painting and Pavement Painting Contest.competition in Grazie di Curtatone in Italy.

Using pastel chalks, Stader recently created this 9ft x 13ft painting in London’s Covent garden – with great effect!  The ‘frog’ is made from a kind of dry grain.  The painting is called appropriately(after the grain)  – ‘Chaff’.  I think it’s  fantastic –  a real crowd stopper…also a good advert for Costa coffee! There is a sequential video of the painting on Manfred Stader’s website here

the frog floats on top

Manfred Stader’s website and Chaff painting  here  Easy jet painting here

image info here


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