‘Poll – Never a Truer word was said..’

There are lots of wonderful art quotes around.  Some artists are more eloquent and verbose or wittier than others – Picasso, for example could fill a book with his quotes (but more on this artist coming soon….). 


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 Without letting the art work influence you, I would like you to pick your favorite ‘truth’ from these 6 quotes.  Although all true, the one that I like the most has to be Camille Pissarro as this shows the artist’s eye to see beauty in everyday things and elevates them from the mundane into the profound.

But, then again – who could disagree with Chagall‘s reasoning about art picking up where nature ends – like it’s a natural progression?

I also like the idea of Matisse painting the ‘difference’ between things rather than the object.  It is this difference which makes great art.

 I cannot argue with a Leonardo Da Vinci quote (which isnt in the poll) when he’s says that painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt – and poetry is felt rather than seen.  See for yourself by pressing Mona Lisa, reading the poems dedicated to her – and maybe take part yourself:)

PS  Another has been added today!


Quotes from Here and Here.

Pissarro image here Chagall image here Dali image here  Matisse image from here
Blake image here


12 thoughts on “‘Poll – Never a Truer word was said..’

    1. Blakey has a very good point too – its so easy not to know when to stop with a piece. I always make it a rule to finish something in one session – and never go back. The feelings lost for me if I do:)

  1. Hi. Oh Blake for a Tart–why am I not surprised, Cheffie? LOL.
    Well I am a longtime fan of Pissarro–gee, do we even wonder why? LOL.
    Otherwise I really like this post, Lynda, because of what it reveals about the different artists’ perceptions of their art. Great choice of quotes and art work too. MMMM.

    1. Pissarro hasn’t had his spotlight on here…yet, I shall have to make amends! I voted Pissarro too (though I’m not sure my vote counts). I think they all make excellent points. I also take Dali’s quote about drawing…. he of course is an excellent draughtsman. I went to see an exhibition of his drawings in that Dali museum in London a few years ago. I was STUNNED to see his works on paper! I’d never seen anything like them before! They rival his paintings for their artistry and there were lots and lots of them. You could spend all week looking through them. Unbelievable drawings:)

      1. Agreed that all points are valid and intriguing in their own ways–but, as for what best agrees with one’s own view–well–hence your poll. Dali is/was a very talented fellow. I’m glad i wasn’t voting based on images, because that would be IMPOSSIBLE! For me, anyway because of how all of them use light and color–each in their own distinct manners regarding what interests them. I know that in my own work I’m very aware of what’s motivating, inspiring the creative expression. I’m sure each of these artists were also very aware of their processes.

        1. It’s great that artists left us all these motivational quotes. It proves that they really thought about their art. we used to go to the pub and argue about art for hours on end – and everyone was right but no one was completely right:D objectivity being the word. Only equivalent to the Parisian Cafe society. I miss those days these days:(

          1. Community conversation is a lost art—or is it reborn via blogland? Hmm…still imagining a pub and company isn’t the same as physically tasting the pint of Guiness together.

  2. Another vote for Pissarro! I love this quote, but I also had sympathies for the Dali quote because drawing was my first love. As for Pissarro, reading about him, he’s clearly central to what we think of as being Modern Art. He was a decent painter himself, but his support for other artists was so key. He not only saw the possiblilites in nature at large, but also in his fellow man.

  3. That does it! I MUST write about this artist:) Dali is right about drawing – speaking for myself, I know I don’t do nearly enough of it. I must get back into the habit of drawing every day like I used to. He’s right – theres no possibility of cheating, but I do think that you can improve if you apply yourself:)

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