Rib painting….

I wonder what our ancestors did with the bones from the animals they killed after they’d eaten them?  Just threw them in the dust to be found by us I suppose.  I suspect that if they painted with sticks they may have used the odd animal or even human bone as a drawing or painting tool.  We’ve seen how it’s possible to draw with almost anything – including Cheetos and MacDonald’s and other foods – here is another entertaining video by EclecticAsylumArt, – this time he’s painting with barbecued ribs….and making a fine job of it:) I  really enjoy watching artists paint (if you remember this particular artist also did Elvis with cheese puffs and Bette Davis in mascara!)   Not only do I like the finished art – I also enjoy watching this artist work deftly and with confidence with some very unusual media indeed:D

Meanwhile, over on Bookstains…

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11 Responses to “Rib painting….”

  1. wow, that was awesome.
    One of the best art demo’s i’ve ever viewed actually

    • Hey heres an idea…..you’re an artist AND a chef:) I’d love to see you having a go at this type of art on the artswebshow:)…you’d need some very unusual food matter though thats never been used before. Sounds fun eh:D Have you seen his other food ones?

  2. Enjoyed the video very much and would love to see K try his hand at an unusual food painting!

  3. Gives new meaning to “Finger lickin’ good!” I can think of three KC metro area BBQ sauces that would work well for this–Gregory’s (Independence Square), Michaels (24 hwy), and KC Masterpiece. Um, yeah,this comment shows where my mind is right now–ribs, sauce–eat food! O venision bbq! OHHHHHHHHH ECHOOOOO! LOL.
    Oh and I support your suggestion to Tart about food Art. He has done some very interesting ‘stiill lifes’ in the past. Hmm. Food Art Video, Tart? Are you Chef enough for it? LOL. Yes, you are.

  4. I’d call this a beautiful mess! 🙂 Thanks, Lynda. I always enjoy when you post these.

    • Glad you enjoyed that Leslie! I’d like to see some finger painting with different food:D Small children take such a delight in doing this:) sometimes we forget the pleasure to be had getting our hands all messy:D

  5. artistatexit0 Says:

    Where do you find this stuff!! It cracked me up. Hmm…now that you mention it, this medium does provide an opportunity to rejoin image with substance or in this case, sauce. I’m in agreement, this could be another of K’s shining moments!

  6. Hheh hope he’s reading this Al:) This artist is great fun isn’t he:) I like the appropriate music that seems to go with image/substance. I wonder how long it really took the artist in ‘real time?’

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