Another Poetry Challenge!

A lot of people go on to my other blog ‘Bookstains’ looking for something to see.  I’ve been putting my own poetry and book reviews on there and just linking to it.  Now I am going to host my poetry challenges on there too!  The Vincent Van Gogh poetry challenge was a real success and all the entries were very individualistic, imaginative and thoughtful:)  I’d like to thank all that joined in – and say that the challenge is  OPEN indefinitely so if you want to join in just click HERE, watch the minute long video and send your poem either in your comment OR just email me and I’ll put it on.  You may copy the ‘Vincent Could have told You’ logo if you want – don’t forget to link to me at Bookstains🙂  It goes without saying that I shall be promoting the challenges after my posts on echostains.

That’s the news – here’s another challenge:-

This poetry challenge is about the smile of the famous Mona Lisa painted by Leonardo Da Vinci between 1503 – 1506.  The lady’s smile (and it has been said that she may not be all ‘she’ seems) is one of the most enigmatic smiles ever painted. The challenge is write a poem or a haiku about that smile, or the lady or the relationship between the artist and the lady.  Here’s an extract of mine :-  to see the rest and to join in with your own, just click the pic and send your poem either in the comment box or by email and I will put it on.  You can use the Mona Lisa pic – but please link back to Bookstains’

Lets have some fun!

The Lips Don’t Lie……

Shut up!



Mona Lisa

As I try to

Keep the brush steady

With my ingenious strokes…

Whilst your countenance



If only……..

(Continued on Bookstains HERE)

original image from here Thanks!

9 thoughts on “Another Poetry Challenge!

  1. i like the sound of this challenge.
    my imagination is already thinking burlesque. lol
    But i want to give the post i have just posted two days.
    A major project. lol
    i could leave it in your comments and post it later on if that’s ok

  2. OOOO Lynda, I like this challenge for certain reasons that will remain totally me own. “hehehehe”–read as dark, manical low laughter.

    It sounds like the Tart has got mischief on his pyscho chef brainpan. That could be a GOOD–as in very entertaining–thing!

    Will get all my word toys in order and we’ll see how much Mona moans thereafter……

    Jump, Posky, Jump!

    1. Hey just click over to Bookstains to see it! It’s as fab and as humourous as you would expect from K:D 47whitebuffalo! I can’t wait to see yours!!!!
      and I’m shouting with you – ‘JUMP POSKY JUMP!:D

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