Poll: -Who do you LOVE?

 I’ve now completed 622 posts!  In all those posts I have never yet tried the poll application out.  That is about to be remedied!  Anyone who reads this blog regularly will know that I have featured some rather unusual artists.  But which artist have you enjoyed the most?  These aren’t really famous artists (like Freud, Hirst etc).  they are artists who have chosen either unusual media to present their art or just have an unusual way of looking at the world.  As with most things in life – Art is subjective and everyone has their own personal taste. This poll is just for fun and just because some artists may not receive any or many votes – it doesn’t mean that their art is undermined.  It just means that not many people are reading this or voting:)

Please feel free to make leave a comment about why you like the art of one particular artist:)

 I’ll start with half a dozen artists, but I will create some more of these polls if this one  is successful!

If you are unfamiliar with the art of these artists just click on the images of their work to read the posts I have done about them.

Kathy Waggoner 'The Taster'
Berlinde de Bruyckere sculpture
Zena Holloway underwater artist
Lui Bolin is somewhere in this image
Emma Hack camouflage artist making people look like paintingsProjected art - watch the short movie to see the happening
Projected art - watch the short movie to see the happening

20 thoughts on “Poll: -Who do you LOVE?

  1. Of this group, I like Bolin . Perhaps it is because I like those books where you have to search to find things. I am intrigued with shape and love to find images in clouds. So, the idea that Bolin has blended his image into other things intrigues me, not so much as a political statement but just for the sheer uniqueness.

    1. Great choice Leslie! I know those books you mention ‘Wheres Wally?’ they’re called. Bolin is very unique, the image on the poll I gazed at for ages trying to spot him! I’ve not voted yet (I’m a bit torn between two to which ones best) 🙂

  2. Well, at first I was leaning strongly toward Emma Hack with Lu Bolin a close second, but then I looked at the projected art!

    It’s captivating. I love the scale and the dynamics. It fuels the imagination!

    1. Its a great idea for unusual exhibition space isnt it! I wish more places did this. The houses would all have to be white though so the works would show up. Its a cross between drive in movies and an art gallery:) Thanks for joining in Steve and voting – appreciated!

  3. Hmmm. These are some tough choices and all are worthy. At first I was leaning towards the projections because I like the public art angle and the work is fun and changes a familiar space in a very novel way. In the end, however, my vote is for Berlinde de Bruyckere. Her work preys upon my imagination more which I have found to be a good indicator that there is additional meaning there…it just needs to be puzzled out. I find the strangeness in her work to correspond somewhat with how I perceive the world is turning.

    1. Berlinde de Bruyckere got my vote too Al and for more or less the same reasons as yourself. intriguing work that fascinates on a different level: kind of half remembered/recognised forms that have an organic quality. This work speaks!

  4. There’s something about the Invisible Man that just works on so many levels for me that I had to vote for Bolin. There is much beauty in the underwater videos but–Bolin wins out for intellectuall and emotional engagement. Good poll, Lynda.

    1. Bolin is an excellent choice 47whitebuffalo! I find his work remarkable – plus he is making a valid political statement about the ‘invisibilty’ of a lot of things that we can’t deal with or choose to ignore. the fact you have to really look for him is in itself a statement: – that if we look carefully we will finally see it (him)

  5. I like the underwater art best.
    I love the slow floating changing.

    Does the camouflage artist make everyone look like Sally Field? ha ha
    I really like that stuff.

    great post!

    1. Zena Holloway is another good choice – so poetic (appropriately!) very graceful, the sort of movement you could watch for hours on end.
      You’re right opoetoo! Those models DO look like Sally Field! Mind you, I don’t know what Sally Field is doing these days – perhaps it is her:D

    1. Great I’m glad you voted for her – I guess no one is into the teapots then:( I voted for Berlinde de Bruyckere and so did Al but it only says one vote. perhaps it doesn’t count the blog owners?

  6. Emma Hack. Something about the idea of how she’s creating, as well what she does, fascinates me. Still thinking about that post long after you shared it 🙂

    1. Emma Hack is neck and neck with Bolin at the moment and both have a transformational quality to their work: one becomes invisible and the other camouflages the model to become visible, yet in a sense ‘invisible’…I see your fascination with Hack:)

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