Take a letter or two Miss Rathbone!

Remember the old typewriters of the past?   Yes the past!   It doesn’t seem that long ago when we were all using typewriters with  ribbons, and then cassettes…. and now its keyboards.  I remember years ago  being really impressed with some typewriter art I had seen.  A picture of Jimi Hendrix was one image and a butterfly was another one.  they were typed with x’s and looked fantastic at a distance.

Keira Rathbone

This short video shows a unamed German artist making very impressive art on a typewriter as far back as the late 1950s!  I wouldn’t have a clue where to start with this art form at all.  It must be all planned out carefully?  surely it can’t be done like sketching and by eye?  Keira Rathbone, a 27 year old artist from London began to use her typewriter as a drawing tool after she buying  an old typewriter from a flea market initially to write with.She then found that by experimenting with it artistically, the results were more rewarding! 

As some artists use a pencil or brush to create, Keira creates art by typing symbols, letters and figures.   It almost makes me wish I hadn’t got rid of my typewriter now:(

Keira Rathbone’s website is here.  Join her on Facebook here.  Some more of Keira Rathbone’s typewriter art can be found here

 Typewriter video  by eiffe Thanks!

19 thoughts on “Take a letter or two Miss Rathbone!

  1. I’ve seen other examples of typewriter art and received the biggest kick out the drawings. This is making me wistful for old office supplies like carbon paper and mimeograph machines. As kids we couldn’t wait to fresh copies from that machine because there was something about the solvents used that “appealed” to us. Nice post Lynda!

    1. Hheheh solvents eh… mispent youth eh 😀 I used to love carbon paper, messy but hours of fun reproducing drawings. remember those Rank Xerox machines and the old Getstetners? Massive pieces of office equipment!

  2. Yes, we began mis-spending our youth when we were about ten or so! I recall the early Xerox machines, but I didn’t recognize the other name. The office culture is what I find interesting about the cable program “Mad Men” and the advertising industry in the 1960’s. Do you receive that show?

    1. No, afraid we don’t get that Al. Gestetners were huge photocopiers, think they’re still in use (probably a permanent fixture because they too heavy to move 🙂 I think they do lighter versions now though:)

    1. Hey this sounds a fun idea! I bet you wish you’d hung onto those t shirts now Leslie:) I wonder if its like pixels or cross stitch the way the picture is worked out?

  3. I remember pictures made on typewriters – I was never able to do anything except the very simplest.

    I do also remember cleaning the keys with… bread!

  4. I remember the butterfly and Hendrix – that’s about all. i wouldn’t have a clue where to start! Ii’m impressed that you even managed a simple one Val:)
    Now, I wonder if the bread tip will work on my keyboard?
    Thanks for visiting – appreciated!

  5. What memories. I learned to type on an old typewriter like this. Actually typed high school papers on it. I love that an artist has put one to use for ART. So very cool and —intriguing. What else could be used to make ARt? Everything? Considering artistatexitO’s recycled styrofoam art–well–Every Thing can be re-used–can’t it?
    Well uranium and plutonium are obviously problematic but…
    Thanks Linda.

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