What next? Cake Britain?

Futureheads 'The Chaos' lyrics vs Miss Cakehead (chocolate cookies)

A new exhibition called ‘Art you can eat – Cake Britain’  in the Future Gallery, 5 Great Newport street London  WC2 gallery will run from 27th August 2010 until 29th.  All the work is made from sugar and flour, cake and other sweet things and made by the UK’s creative bakers.  The work will be devoured by the public and the proceeds shall be donated to charity.   Tate and Lyle Sugars are the sponsors.  Here’s a very early echostains blog post featuring some of my miniature efforts and a sugarcraft exhibition

'Cloud Cuckoo wedding cake' Stuart Semple vs Paul Baker

I’ve always been an admirer of cake art – its amazing what you can make from sugar. I’ve made decorative dough art in the past and even miniature food from fimo clay, but I can’t ever remember decorating a cake.  this is probably down to me not being very good with cakes (they always come out soggy or sink in the middle).  I’m much better with pastry though – must have cool hands:)

edible MacDonalds - a novel idea

Art you can eat – Cake Britain images from here and here: read about the Madartist teaparty who contributed here

19 thoughts on “What next? Cake Britain?

  1. Went on a cruise with my family in 98 and saw some incredible art done by the chefs on the cruise line. It was my first intro to food art. Thanks for the post. I can not imagine having the patience to do this, but love viewing it.

  2. Sounds like great fun being more of an event than art exhibit as usual. I wonder if in my “neck of the woods” whether we could stage something like this? I remember a simpler time when your mom could send cupcakes to school with you when it was your birthday. You still can…but mom is not allowed to do the baking. The cupcakes would have to be store bought.

    1. Really? I did not know that children could no longer bring homebaked goodies to school. –okay–that’s a side issue indeed. But I’ve always considered cooking ART–even if wasn’t cake/cookies/cupcakes. I think this is because one of my grandmothers put ALL her creative nature into cooking–every meal. I don’t mean fancy — I mean delicious because of all her old world secret techniques for everything from coffee made in a regular pot, with items added, to whatever she did to stuffed breast of veal–it was all done like every meal was an exhibition for great TASTE.
      Hmm. That’s what this post reminded me of. So now I’m wondering if this cake art tastes as good as it LOOKS. LOL. Much fun!

      1. 47whitebuffalo – you’re right, cooking is a creative art form! And a lot of thought and effort, not to mention love – goes into it:) I too wondered what these cakes tasted like (especially on the 3rd day) – (if there was any still left…. :D)

    2. Why don’t you have a go Al:) Actually, you bring up a good point about all the red tape now involved with food. I think the organisers got around this because their members are part of this organisation:-
      Cake Britain – A Fairtrade Mad Artists Tea Party,

      Buying the cupcakes totally takes away the home baking/contributing and communal feel of the event! i’m not too sure if this rule applies in our schools in England – but, I bet it does 😦

  3. Pallant House in Chichester were showing some cakes made by Sarah Lucas last year. In an interview she said: “It’s not often you can eat a sculpture. People ask how long the cakes will last, and they will probably last longer than the lifetime of the person who buys them, which is an odd idea to have to accept – to be outlived by a cake.” Not made to be eaten then!

    Here’s a link:

  4. Thanks criticismism just had a look! it looks great! Went to Dennis Severs house in Spittlefields (like stepping back in time). Ive seen quite a bit of Sarah Lucas’s work – its very witty:)

        1. Good post! I think the best time travel experience I’ve had was a site specific theatre performance of Crime and Punishment in the back rooms of Theatre Royal, Brighton. Russian Roubles in the bar and everything!

          1. Sounds fun!:) i went in a pub in Prague once that was like a timeslip. Other timeslips include ‘House in the Rock’ Knaresborough Yorks and the Jorvik Viking centre York(when it first opened, not as it is now)

  5. My 15 year old son is an artist and a cook. He has made spaghetti and meatballs cupcakes and some other fun ones. I could see him getting into this kind of art. I’ll have to show him this stuff. He’ll get a kick out of it. Peace, Linda

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