Electric Figures in the Landscape

Angel of the North


I do like seeing figures in the landscape – these monuments. When Antony Gormley built his Angel of the North there was outcry at first.  But that statue has become part of the landscape and is a welcoming sight to travellers.  The material the artist used has aged and giving the statue  a lovely patina. But what about the millions of pylons which there are no outcry about – though they are in every green space?

transforming the pylons

Electricity pylons are everywhere – standing in our landscape, we don’t even notice them half the time.  They are not aesthetically pleasing to the eye – but we tolerate them or just pretend that they’re not there.  Architects Choi+Shine who are based in Massachuset have invented these figurative pylons whose gestures will correspond with the environment.  For example, a figure on a hill shall be made ‘climbing’ the hill etc.

I love the idea of these figures becoming part of the environment and was quite excited about the idea – until I came to the end of the article.  It has been decided by Landsnet  (the company who own the pylons) to NOT to go ahead with the project after all.  What a shame!  Who else would have liked to see these figures?

 Oh well, we will just have to keep pretending the pylons aren’t there….

Read the story with more images here

Angel of the North image from Here

14 thoughts on “Electric Figures in the Landscape

  1. If we must have pylons…let’s go with the figurative ones! I like Gormley’s piece as well.

  2. I wonder if it is a financial issue, at this time. The figurative ones are interesting. Too bad the article didn’t go on to say why they decided against them.

    1. I don’t know – just NO it seems….its not as if they would be using extra materials either – just the same components. Probably would take some time to twist them into shape perhaps:)

  3. Or the naysayers just have limited imaginations–all things in their proper place mentalities. Or they’re real philistines and there’s no hope for the landscape. At times I don’t mind these things but my disgust with the sight pollution everywhere is growning steadily as humans sprawl without any condsideration for other species. It is better to see them made into more attractive images rather than the standard industrial outfit.
    Interesting post, echostains.

  4. You make a good point about the human lack of consideration 47whitebuffalo! Changing these pylons into ‘people’ would be an electrifying experience eh 🙂 maybe they’d wake up to what they’re doing to the environment. you could have them ‘decluttering’ rivers or posing with litter sticks….It may catch on, you never know:D

  5. dear lynda,

    as an architect myself, i love this post as it showcases great sculptural pieces in the landscape. that’s what we can call as civil architecture-a type of architecture that involves perception from the common people using landscapes as a way of recognizing a place and at the same utilitarian in its purpose. there are a lot quite worth mentioning here, the jesus in rio de janeiro brazil, statue of liberty in new york etc.

    thank you for such an interesting blogpost!

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