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Electric Figures in the Landscape

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Angel of the North


I do like seeing figures in the landscape – these monuments. When Antony Gormley built his Angel of the North there was outcry at first.  But that statue has become part of the landscape and is a welcoming sight to travellers.  The material the artist used has aged and giving the statue  a lovely patina. But what about the millions of pylons which there are no outcry about – though they are in every green space?

transforming the pylons

Electricity pylons are everywhere – standing in our landscape, we don’t even notice them half the time.  They are not aesthetically pleasing to the eye – but we tolerate them or just pretend that they’re not there.  Architects Choi+Shine who are based in Massachuset have invented these figurative pylons whose gestures will correspond with the environment.  For example, a figure on a hill shall be made ‘climbing’ the hill etc.

I love the idea of these figures becoming part of the environment and was quite excited about the idea – until I came to the end of the article.  It has been decided by Landsnet  (the company who own the pylons) to NOT to go ahead with the project after all.  What a shame!  Who else would have liked to see these figures?

 Oh well, we will just have to keep pretending the pylons aren’t there….

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