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Reflected in Lifes Mirror

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Which artist hasn’t tried to do a self-portrait? I know I have – many times and I never could get it right!  Mind, you though, neither could anyone else.  I have an odd face – with no really distinguishing features: nothing that stands out.   The master of the self-portrait was Rembrandt van Rijn, he painted his every year.  But Vincent Van Gogh also painted a lot of self portraits in his life time too.  His portraits are mirror images of how his face appeared reflected in his mirror. This video is a wonderful chronicle of his self portraits, and there are also lots of them here.  I don’t have a particular favorite – but I do like the ones where he is wearing the straw hat and the ones where you can see lots of brushstrokes (in other words – most of them:))  Which ones do you like the most and why?

Self Portraits”

by Philip Scott Johnson

video by eggman913 Thanks!