Disappearing Trick

I bet Harry couldn't do this trick

A few minutes ago I typed a post about Jack Butler Yeats with images.  Now I thought it was weird when there was no ‘post tags’ area, – but still, I saved it  thinking that  I could tag it through the ‘quick edit’.  Needless to say, I lost it, BUT I did manage to get it back in the ‘revisions’ (but with no images).  I closed my blog without saving the post and when I returned it was as if this post had never happened.  It was not in my drafts.  I’m a bit cheesed off with it really!  I’m only posting every other day now – but even so, the thought of trying to go back over what is already prepared is daunting to say the least:(  I will post something else tomorrow and call it a day (or…er something).

Houdini imaged from here

4 thoughts on “Disappearing Trick

    1. I’m still looking for that post! it was called ‘A brush with genius’ and was about Jack Butler Yeats. It’s out there in the ether somewhere….:O

  1. Sorry for your blog issues, echostains. Not fun. Been there and done some versions of it..
    Now–as to the amazing Houdini. About a year ago I was on a fishing expedition in the U of Iowa’s Special Collections Library going through their wonderful Vaudeville materials. Now the great thing about this collection are the Managers’ Reports on Acts. I was surprised to learn how much the Managers disliked Houdini’s act for all sorts of reasons. It was not good to be the closing act on a Vaudeville Bill. The best acts–those that drew in the money making seat fillers–hit the stage about midway through the show bill–after the crowd had been warmed up—the headliners strutted their stuff. In the time period I was fishing in–1909-1913–Houdini was a closer–at or near the end of the show bill. But –it is a great poster you’ve posted and I hope your next effort brings success.

  2. Very Interesting 47whitebuffalo! We always seem to endow him with mystical qualities, I suppose the old show bills show him in the context he was regarded as a crowd puller compared to the myth that has grown around him. Great performer though! interesting comment – thanks!

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