Take these chains from these shoes and set me free


Did you know that there are actually shoe competitions?  I didn’t.   The Shoemania Design winner of 2009 was Tove Jansson and Per Emanuelsson for their Chain shoe design.  They make a man’s version of this shoe with the chains wrapped around loafers.

chain shoes for men

The Swedish design students came up with the opposing concepts of floating and of being chained down.  I quite enjoy looking at them, but I don’t think I would enjoy wearing them.  I wonder how heavy these shoes are to wear though?

Chain shoes pictures from here and here and here

8 thoughts on “Take these chains from these shoes and set me free

  1. I prefer the ladies ones only to look at. There’s a touch of servitude in these shoes with the chain connection, perhaps that’s the scary part:) thanks for stopping by CarolKing!

  2. Bizarre, and don’t they look uncomfortable? I wonder what the other entries were like. I find the world of shoes quite alien and would personally prefer bare feet, at least in the summer!

    1. I’m fascinated by shoes, never tire of looking at them, unfortunately I can’t wear very high heels now (but I would LOVE to again). Barefooted for me around the house though:)

  3. These chained shoes are a work of art. They are a reminder that people have and are still controlled to some extant by what happens to their feet. I have heard that the two places where one shouldn’t pinch pennies for obvious reasons are in the quality of one’s shoes and mattress.

  4. Lieing down and standing up? yes, makes sense. Perhaps they act as a metaphor for stability – keeping ones feet on the ground? Or even slavery to fashion:) I too wonder what the others were like too!

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