Poetry Slamming

I came across ‘Slam’ poetry the other day and was curious about the word ‘Slam’ and how it related to poetry.  According to Wiki, a poetry Slam is a competition where people recite their own work and are judged by a set of chosen judges.  The work is usually political and topical and quite fast.  Taylor Phillips gives a passionate and furious delivery about poetry and the use of words.  Poets are judged not only on their poem but also on the delivery of that poetry and the passionate delivery.  Her poetry and pace took my breath away – I hope you enjoy this as much as me:)

passionate and a fast and furious delivery Taylor Phillips

Poetry Slam definition here

and for those who wish to write it – here’s some instructions

video from bootswithdafur

8 thoughts on “Poetry Slamming

  1. I have seen and participated in a few slams many years ago in San Francisco. Poetry Slams are a MUST see for any poet.
    Slams are terrific combinations of poetry and performance art that are truly exhilirating to see and hear. Yes, the energy and enthusiasm is to be admired. Many of us write beautiful poetry but to be able to take those words to the stage and captivate an audience with your story by performing the poem in a unique be-bop, hip-hop or Beat rhythmic fashion is something truly special.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks Gio, the energy and enthusiasm certainly does come across when you watch and listen rather than just read this poetry! I really appreciate the creative energy and adrenaline of the poet being carried along by the audience. You’re right Gio – it truly is a performance art form! Thanks for visiting – appreciated!

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