Velazquez recovered?

The Education of the Virgin attributed to Diego Velazquez Yale University

Amongst the dusty works put into museum storage, an early work by Diego Velaquez may have emerged.  In the basement of Yale University a painting thought to be an early work  – an altar piece according to  John Marciari  who is the curator of Modern Art at the San Diego of Art.  The piece was found in storage in 2004 and in pretty bad condition when found, but Velaquez enthusiasts are very excited about the find which is thought to be ‘The Education of the Virgin’ painted c. 1617.

velazquez old woman frying eggs 1618

Originally given in 1920 to the University by Henry Hotchkiss Townshend and his brother Raynam, it was thought to be by an unknown Spanish painter from the 17th century.  It will be quite exciting to find  that this is indeed by Velazquez.  I wonder how many other dusty masterpieces lie dormant under art galleries and universities:)  Read the full story here and the painting from here

velazquez Adoration of the Magi 1619

No expert myself, I think I see a similarities between these paintings all painted within a year of each other.  What do you think?


6 Responses to “Velazquez recovered?”

  1. I don’t know. They know more than me. When I look at the one that is in bad shape, the difference I notice is that the figures seem to be more edgy and cut out than the ones in the other two paintings that show edges that are lost into darkness. The figures, themselves look like they could be his. Is it possible that the darks in this painting have faded or that it is an unfinished work of his? Interesting post, Lynda! I stared back and forth and really studied these.

  2. Yes, I agree about the figures, it will be interesting to see when the work is completely restored, just what clue lie beneath the paint. It’s exciting to think that there may be other early masterpieces just waiting to be discovered Leslie!!!:)

  3. artistatexit0 Says:

    The rediscovered painting “looks right” to me and if it turns out to be a Velazquez, than this will be a great find. My concern has more to do with what will happen during the restoration? How far will the repainting and cleaning go? It wouldn’t surprise me that the next time we see this painting it will be far from a ruin.

  4. I wonder myself. Sometimes, the condition can add or substract from the charm. It’s not too far removed style wise from the other two painted each year after. If true – what a find:)

  5. It amazes me that they can ever really be sure who painted something that old. Very interesting post. you are doing wonders for my art education!

  6. Thanks Kirsty:) Apparently the curator went through an in built catalogue of artistts in his mind and came up with theis conclusion. I’m sure there must be much more than this gut feeling and instinct though. He must know the artist’s work inside out. I do think he may be on to something.

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