Out and About Manchester, Goodbye Frank!

We were at Manchester arena last night, joining the huge turnout for Frank Sidebottom who sadly died recently  aged 54 from cancer.    An estimated 5,000 people turned up to see Franks Fantastic Farewell,  packing the place out and creating a wonderful atmosphere with lots of laughter and a few tears. 

There were short films of Frank interspersed with acts like Badly Drawn Boy (who we missed).  But among the many anecdotes and performances.

Manchester Castlefield last night


I was rather taken with Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer whose mission it is to bring the Queens English into Hip Hop (or Chap Hop as he calls it) with hilarious results!

Read all about last night here

and here

Frank Video from jxmitchell

Mr B Gentleman Rhymer video by sgtrock70

10 thoughts on “Out and About Manchester, Goodbye Frank!

  1. Thank-you for the smiles this post brought me, Lynda. You never lose on these posts with me. I did not know of Frank Sidebottom. His popularity grows, even now.

  2. That first clip was hilarious! Hadn’t seen his show until that clip. It is a shame. Glad to see people come together in tribute.

  3. Hadn’t heard of Mr. Sidebottom before, but he was side-splitting! Glad to hear that the community who knew him best was there at the end.

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