Etch a sketch – new art medium?

Who doesn’t remember etch a sketch – the portable little art screen  which you could draw on.  I always found it incredibly hard to create anything recognisable so I am full of admiration for this artist who makes it look all so easy!  It makes me want to rush out and buy one of these and have another go!

Video etchedintime

10 thoughts on “Etch a sketch – new art medium?

  1. I just recently visited the largest Etch-A-Sketch on display in Indianapolis, Indiana at The Childrens” Museum. They had old Etch-A-Sketches on display and I recognized the one I had as a child. I loved drawing on it and spent many hours with it. They also had wonderful prints of drawings done on them. Good post, Lynda! 50 years old this toy is!

  2. Didn’t realise the toy was so old Leslie! I don’t know which version I had, or perhaps I was too slow, but everything came out square;) I never did get the hang of it:)

  3. I thought the Etch-a-Sketch’s days were numbered once they came up with the Magna-Doodle with its magnets and iron filings. I have a friend who is a master with the Etch-a-Sketch and even has the confidence to flip them over so he can photocopy his artwork!

    1. Magna Doodle? I missed out on that one:) I don’t know which one I had but it wasn’t huge. Perhaps I should have persevered with it……seriously thinking that maybe I was using this wrongly now:)

  4. Gotta love the Cubs, which I do! lol My best attempts on Etch-A-Sketches were incredibly lame, as were my friends’ efforts. That video was excellent. thanks

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