Uncovered and discovered – Kathy Waggoner

The Taster by Kathy Waggoner

It seems an age since I last put any teapots on my blog.  It’s getting more and more difficult to find unusual ones that I like.  However, I have lately come across ceramicsist artist Kathy Waggoner and I find her work intriguing.  Her works explores identity, in myth, form and stereotypes.  Why do I like these – probably because they ARE stereotypical – but they have an indefinable edge to them.

every woman?

You can also see the artist’s interest in native cultures and her patronage to third world women.  Highly decorative and very tactile looking.  She is not really a teapot maker, more a ceramicsist.  A lot of her work can be seen here

the jar of mysteries waggoner

The Taster image from here

Vase from here

Lots of her work here

6 thoughts on “Uncovered and discovered – Kathy Waggoner

  1. Very different, Lynda. Though kind of be-headed looking, I like the jar of mysteries and the different faces …and is that a hand I see? You find the most interesting things for us. Thank-you!

  2. Beheaded:) yes see what you mean Leslie! perhaps the jar is meant as a metaphor of the ‘mystery’ of woman. Makes a change to have the odd ceramic on here from time to time – glad you enjoyed it:)

    1. Hhehe yes! or woman is full of mystery and you never know what is going on in her head (or their heads) or what about the theory that we are all decened fro 5 (or maybe its 7) women!

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