Taking the air – Balloons

Ronald MacDonald

I posted some colourful air balloons on here a while ago which seemed quite popular, so here’s some more.  I have never been lucky enough to see any of these.  The only ones I have seen have always had advertising on.  It must be quite surreal to look up into the sky and see a cow floating by!

the cow jumped over the ...sun

I think the Ronald McDonald balloon is rather scary!  I’m not keen on clowns anyway.    But I think some children could be quite frightened seeing this huge fellow looming over them!  I really like the dragonfly balloon though – very graceful and colourful.  It’s from the  11th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2007.

spectacular dragonfly
Cow and Mcdonald from here

Dragonfly image from here

6 thoughts on “Taking the air – Balloons

  1. oh wow these are awesome! I always see balloons in the morning on my walk to work – they look beautiful against the clear sky but these would definitely spice mornings up!! I love the cow!!

  2. Balloons have really become creative and I have seen some outstanding ones. I have to agree about the clowns…they are a bit scary.

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