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Modigliani sculpture – fetches a fortune

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Tete by Modigliani

Amedeo Modigliani is primarily known as a  painter. He is known to have produced about 27 pieces of sculpture though.  The latest piece to be sold is a 65cm sculpture, made of Limestone and called ‘Tete’ has snapped up at a Paris auction for a mere 43.2 Million!

The sculpture was from the GastonLevy collection.  He acquired it in 1927.   The artist took up sculpture due to ill health apparently, though I would think sculpture was more hazardous to the lungs and health than paint, due to the dust involved. The sculpture was first seen at the Salon d’Automne exhibition in Paris in 1912. 

The auction

It’s always useful to see the scale of these types of sculptures for me as I am hopeless at metric measurements:) imperial yes, I can understand – but not metric for some reason – probably too much conditioning.

I would say that his sculptures follow in the elongated style of his paintings and also have the Picasso mask like  influences of Les Demoiselles d’Avignon .

going going gone

Modigliani had a short (1884 -1920) and turbulent life.  His life as an artist is stereotypical of the romantic misunderstood, starving in a garret and railing against the world kind of artist we love, like Van Gogh.   Sadly Modigliani  only lived until he was  35  and died of Tuberculosis.

Tete image from here and here

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