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Lego Art forms

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? with a pearl earring - a bit of fun with Lego

When I was young, Lego bricks were used to build buildings and pieces of architecture.  You wouldn’t think that a tiny plastic  brick would have a whole land named after it now, nor predict the  interesting possibilities the molecular little fellow would throw up.  I don’t know if Lego is the right media to translate these works of art though.  Surely the importance of the expression of the Girl with a Pearl Earring is one of the paintings remarkable expressive and enigmatic qualities, not to mention the light in the painting.   So I’m not sure that this works at all…..  More Lego art from here


However, I do think the Stephen Hawking image works remarkable well, I especially like the tilt of the head.  It’s amazing how slight gestures and nuances can unlock an image.  The ‘clues’ are always there  if we just look for them properly.  I do think that Lego as mosaic is very successful and comes into its own by being used in a 2 dimensional way.  The Lego takes on pixellated qualities.  There’s more of these here

more uses for lego

more uses for lego

Lego bricks are quite effective when they are being used to build sculpture.  this art piece by Nathan Sawaya reminds me very much of one of Yves Klein’s models – rolling in YKB paint!

Nathan Sawaya

Steven Hawking ego image from here

Nathan Sawaya from here