Weird and Wacky design Soapy works of art


starry night soap

Everyone has seen soap  in the shape of fruit  and flowers and even animals, but I have noticed that there is some quite unusual soap floating’ around the net.  Gone is the old soap on a rope.  Soap has  gone all artistic – like this Starry Night, hyacinth scented vegan soap from Art Attack!  I like it because each bar is  made individually.

almost Lalique!

There are some great soaps on this site and the venus soap is one of them. It seems a shame to use it really! I really  like these beautiful lace like soap that look like Lalique glass!  Some wonderful soaps here to make you gasp!

almost Lalique!

Soap is such a malleable compound – ideal for carving intricate patterns and designs as well as  being a smooth surface  to paint upon and to decorate.  These soap sculptures are works of art in themselves – just delightful!  See more of them here.

6 Responses to “Weird and Wacky design Soapy works of art”

  1. wow, these are so cool

  2. artistatexit0 Says:

    I remember as a child carving soap in elementary school. It was fun imagining what was inside the bar. In these parts…soap makers are regular participants in the area’s art and craft fairs although fancy carving is not usually on display.

  3. I made some soap once – wasn’t like that though! I’d like any of the above. Strangely enough, I came across a large heart shaped soap the other day that I’ve had years. It’s a bit discoloured and bashed, but it has a key inside it, aso made of soap! Avon:)

  4. When I was young, my parents bought me a “how to” book on soap carving or sculpting. I spent hours with that book and bars of soap and knife trying to make something satisfactory. These are unbelievable and beautiful. Mine looked so caveman-like……..but I had a ton of fun trying!

  5. Great art work I could never do that wow amazing I tell you 🙂

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