There is nothing like a – Dame Paula Rego!

paula rego dance

Portuguese born narrative painter, printer and illustrator (1935) Paula Rego became a Dame  the other day on the Queens birthday for her contribution to Art!  Anyone who has read this blog from the beginning will know that I rate Rego highly as an artist. I wrote a post about this artist and William Hogarth here

paula rego snow white and her stepmother

Her visually storytelling is sometimes disturbing and her work is always enigmatic and open to interpretation.  I filled two whole journals with a Transcription of Rego’s ‘Snow White and her Stepmother’ (starting here). Rego finds a lot of her characters in Fairy Tales and nursery rhymes – giving them a social realistic twist.  She likes to rework stories weaving her own magic and artistry.

the fitting

An example is shown in the painting ‘The Fitting’ which is reminiscent of Valasquez ‘s ‘Las Meninas’ is has lots of symbolic realism and makes the viewer want to unravel the mystery.

This short video features the artist explaining about her work and her use of props.

The complete Honours list here

More of Rego’s work here

8 thoughts on “There is nothing like a – Dame Paula Rego!

  1. I have never heard of this artist before…but what psychologically charged work! I could relate to her statement on the short video that her props are as real as the images she makes from them. I work similarly.

    1. Glad you enjoyed that Al, You must look at more of her work! there’s a lot of youtube stuff, I like hearing her talk about her art, – and I can see where you make the comparison with your own work. I’m glad she has been recognised for her contribution!

  2. dear lynda,

    paula rego is a master of contourish emotions like a jagged edge of a razor and it rips to the consciousness. her works are disturbingly sarcastic. i like the way the lines pointed and sharp along with her wit. very good post of yours.

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