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Raiders of the Lost Art

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unbelievable!  You wouldn’t think there was many more paintings by famous artists to be discovered would you?  But 140 works by modern artists are being put up for auction.  They were found in a Paris Bank vault in 1979 and neglected for all this time, belonged to art dealer Ambroise Vollard.  Read about it here

One of Manet's self portraits

There’s a piece like Andre Derain who was one of the major Fauvists alongside Vlanminck and Matisse.  this particular painting in pristine condition is thought to fetch between 9 – 14 million!  Amazing – where do they get these figures from?     A self-portrait of the artist Eduard Manet will also be offered along side the Derain painting  at Sotheby’s London UK June 22.  

Hitler with his confiscated art

 It makes you wonder just how much art is still lieing in bank vaults around the world.  A lot of art was confiscated by the Nazi’s as ‘degenerate’ .  After the war some owners never got their art back, though there are some happy reunions (here)   Good article here.

image of confiscated art from here

Manet portrait image from here