Enlightened by Art

Always on the look out for new and exciting art forms, I spotted this article.  In Alys Beach, Florida USA today as I write this, the town shall be lit up by digital technology.  Artist shall project their work onto the white buildings of the town, using them as their canvas   – with dramatic effect.  Apparently, this is the third year of the event and 36 artists have been chosen from 300 applicants.  What a great way of promoting art and bringing it out of the museum!  More towns should do this!

an example of what happens

Inspired by this article I looked for other projector exhibitions and I found this video.  It is different from the other because although it uses projection, the buildings themselves are digitally changed and some of the effects are very dramatic.  Instead of using the building as a canvas, the artists have worked with the real structure of the buildings.  Love it:)

Video by Nuformer

Music: The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – Around the Bend

Alys Beach image (before) here

Alys beach image  (after) here

9 Responses to “Enlightened by Art”

  1. wow, this really is incredible

  2. Love this! When I viewed the video, I couldn’t help but think that the buildings began to take on personalities and one was saying to the other that “I can top that!” Thanks, Lynda!

    • Absolutely incredible how a building can shape shift! These projections could be big! You’d never have to paint the outside of your house again – just keep putting new projections on! Glad you liked this as much as me Lelsie!

  3. artistatexit0 Says:

    Awesome!! Makes you think about the possibilities of architecture in a new way. Can holographic buildings be around the corner? Liked the music too!

  4. Yes, I’d never heard the music before – it did go with the video! Incredible transformations! You too can live in the Taj Mahal:) interesting possiblities abound!

  5. Loved it.. should be mandatory! lol The music in the clip was really good too. Still tapping my foot and thinking about the possibilities. wow!

  6. Yes it should be! you could transform any ruin into a palace and vice verse:) As you say – VERY interesting possibilites. You wouldn’t always recognise your own house if you’d been out and was coming back in the dark though:)

  7. The 3d mapping video is really nice, cool!

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