A Hand in Art

I came across this video about  the art of hand painting quite a while ago.  I’ve meant to put it on for ages.  So here it is.  Some of the art is amazing and ver innovative.  Some of it is humorous (the cat made me really laugh;) The elephant is masterly – even close up.  I liked the crocodile skin –  some of these surfaces are very tactile looking.   The swan, I thought took a lot of imagination to work out how to do accomplish it.  the zebra  😉  Which did you like best and why?

contributor cutienibbler

6 Responses to “A Hand in Art”

  1. Thanks. That was cool! The tiger, second elephant and the bald eagle were absolutely stunning!

    • I forgot about the eagle – that was a good one! The artist must have spent a lot of time painting their hand (must have been difficult too). A bit different though and fun:)

  2. artistatexit0 Says:

    I thought the giraffe was witty! Couldn’t help noticing the BP YouTube Channel on the bottom for all the latest. Thanks for your post.

  3. Those advertisments across the bottom are really annoying (and distracting…and attention seeking:) )
    I wonder if the artist used face paints? if they did, they must come in a larger array of colours than I thought. I’ve only ever seen the basic ones.

  4. this is really cool.
    I dont actually have a favourite

  5. Hands have come a long way since making shadow animals with them (remember that?) 🙂 I’d actually like to have ago at this myself:)

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