My 550th post

I’ve reached a little milestone with this post, and the last time I looked back was on my 500th post.  So I think it’s time for another look over my shoulder.  I’m still blogging every day (in fact I need to look back when I first started this daily blogging and see how long it’s been).  New categories have been added (Behind the paint and Art discovered and uncovered, Bodies in preservation (oooh forgot about that one – must do another post on this very soon).  I also did my first blog spotlight and am working on my second at the moment.  I hope to do interviews with all my blogrollers.  I’ve also started putting some poetry that I like on (whilst neglecting my own efforts on Bookstains:C )  Here’s some memories of past posts (the posts are still there in the categories.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

14 Responses to “My 550th post”

  1. You are getting so good with these videos!

  2. I defintely think he secret to these is not to overload them with too many images (like I did last time:) )

  3. elegant art!

  4. Thanks Jingle:)

  5. artistatexit0 Says:

    Congrats and thanks for shining your Spotlight on my art! Best to you and all your future posts.

  6. Thanks for your support Al – it’s always appreciated:)

  7. I remember a good few of these images.
    Thanks for refreshing my memory.
    I see so much online i often forget what i’ve discovered

  8. Thnks for visiting K:)

  9. Wow! Congratulations on a huge milestone! And thanks for sharing so much information with us.

  10. absurdoldbird Says:

    Wow! What a good way to look back. Excellent! And – congratulations!

  11. Thanks for reading Carol:) appreciated!

  12. Quite amazing slide show and accomplishment! Thank you for sharing such excellent art and insight 🙂

  13. Thanks Adam! I’m loving doing these little slide shows – a good way of summing up I think:)

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