John Cooper Clarke – aint got time to make no apology

I love this urban poet .  This man is so damn witty,  some of the words he rhymes are indescribable and perhaps I’ve chosen the wrong poem to illustrate this – but take your pick of his poems on YouTube there are lots of them.  There are lots more of his poems better than this one but I’ve been advised that I may offend by putting them on.  Surprised that I listened? ….me too AND regretting it already:)

6 thoughts on “John Cooper Clarke – aint got time to make no apology

  1. I don’t find this offensive, but descriptive. He’s different and certainly has rendered an image of Beasley Street. Is Beasley Street like that?

    1. Hheh I was advised to put a ‘tame’ one on… Beasley Street can be a street anywhere really – a mean street, but I think he was probably thinking of one in Salford (where he’s from) very descriptive eh!

  2. Same here! What an interesting poet…he seems to cross the look of a Rolling Stone band member with a more gritty rhyming scheme than Dr. Suess dared.

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