Art that hangs by a thread

  The Victoria and Albert Museum is a veritable wonderland of treasures!  I love the way the rooms are laid out.  The Asia section holds many wonders and these Japanese Netsukes are no exception.  There are great displays of them, but we found them a bit tricky to photograph (especially with our camera…).  The image aboveContinue reading “Art that hangs by a thread”

Bette Davis eyes alright

  Who didn’t like this song by Kim Carns in the eighties – yes I have lived through them (and come out of them.  In fact I was around when Jesus Christ had his moment of doubt and fear, but that’s a whole other blog) … Who didn’t want these eyes?…and who’s stuck with em?Continue reading “Bette Davis eyes alright”

Weird and Wacky Design: Papering over the cracks

Everyone at some time or other has made paper mache, either at home or at school.  We tore the paper into strips of bits and mixed with paste or even water.  Sometimes we pasted these strips onto plastic bowls and tried to prise the bowls off without breaking the paper mache shell!  Some people haveContinue reading “Weird and Wacky Design: Papering over the cracks”

Art I LOVE – Billy Childish

    I first discovered Billy Childish a few years ago when I was researching an essay I was doing , entitled ‘Rage against the Machine’.  The essay was about artists who had raged against the ‘art machine’ and railed against the establishment.     The artists included The KLF (Kopyright Liberation Front) anarchic situationist whoContinue reading “Art I LOVE – Billy Childish”

Love in the Penguin Dust

I came across this poet and this poem when I was researching an essay about the infamous Chelsea Hotel and past residents.  Angry young men like Dylan Thomas, Brendon Behan: The 1957 – 1964 Beat generation of angry young men like writer Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs – poets Alan Ginsberg and Gregory Corso (b. USA 1930Continue reading “Love in the Penguin Dust”

Cheesy Art?

Some people think that Elvis is a little cheesy.  I don’t, I can quite see why people like him – he exudes glamour and talent.  The art is by and the artist paints with cheese puffs on velvet.  Yes, that’s right – cheese puffs!  From what I can see, he sorts the puffs into differentContinue reading “Cheesy Art?”

A postcard from London

Just a short slide show of some of the places we went to and the sights we saw in our recent trip to London.  From treasures of the V and A which would fill a whole post,  to the Ten Bells pub in Spitalfields where some of Jack the Ripper’s victims frequented…..

Reptilian Window Gazing

You can’t go to London without window shopping – you just can’t help but gasp at the wonderful window displays.  I always wanted to be a window dresser and much admire the artistry which goes into these displays. One of the best streets for this is Regent Street and Old Bond Street.  Home to Gucci,Continue reading “Reptilian Window Gazing”