Melt in the mouth Art (Food painting)

Just a very speedy post tonight if I want to get it on in time.  Yes, its’ the EclecticAsylumArt man again – this time speed painting with chocolate syrup using a spoon!  Is there any end to this artist’s ingenuity and talent?  So far we’ve seen him painting with MacDonalds ketchup, Vegemite on toast, cheesy puffs on velvet and mascara!  What next?


7 thoughts on “Melt in the mouth Art (Food painting)

  1. Yes I agree that this one is funny. Is this a self-portrait? Lynda…maybe you could interview him?

  2. Al – if I could catch this slippery character – who has given us all so much fun and entertainment – I would:) instead we shall have to celebrate him and play the vidoes (and hope his art long continues:) )

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