To have and to hold – Teapots


a very strokeable teapot

It’s been quite a while since I featured  some teapots on my blog, so here’s a few more unusual ones I have come across.  The first unusual one is made of fur.  I have already done a post about Merritt Oppenheimer and her iconic fur cup and saucer (here).  I have absolutely no information about this teapot apart from the obvious fact that it is made of what looks like black fur which does look real (and most likely is).  I like the tactile qualities of the piece very much. 

knitting yarn teapot

Yet another teapot with no information to go on apart from the obvious reference to knitting.  I really like the design and glazes to this pot, which has been well planned and thought out.  A very unusual piece of ceramic indeed. 

I was torn between 3 very different pieces to include (one being a bird’s nest teapot), but decided to go with this other birds nest one because I really like everything about it.  The colours and the glaze are sympathetic to the subject matter and there is something so countrified and pleasing about it.  I like the speckled eggs in the nest drawing – and I probably would like whatever is on the finial – but I can’t make out what it is! 

birds nest teapot

knitting needle teapot here 

Sculptural teapot here 

birds nest here

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2 thoughts on “To have and to hold – Teapots

  1. Lynda, Are you also a collector of teapots or just the images? I wonder if the furry pot wasn’t made as an intentional response to Oppenheimer’s cup and saucer?

  2. I used to collect unusual ones, but they take up too much room (not to mention dust). I still have a lot, but don’t display half of them. I keep saying I’ll have somethig built to house them collectively, but so far…..
    I’ve actually seen the Oppenheimer teacup and saucer at an exhibition called ‘Desire Unbound’ 2001

    Mimi Parent is another artist obviously inspired by Oppenheimer too

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