Art for Arts sake?

 Unbelievable that 6 important pieces of art have been stolen from the  Museum of  Modern Art in Paris!  How fine is the security of these buildings?  Considering the priceless works of art they house – sadly not good enough it seems to keep greedy thieves out.   The crime is estimated to have taken place at  6.50 am Thursday.   The single masked raider struck through a reinforced glass window, though it is thought that an inside secutity lock  was also tampered with and he may have had help from an insider.

Braque landscape with olive tree

It is thought that the paintings  will be offered back at a phenomenal price later – a usual practise as these works are too well-known.  These important paintings are; by Picasso, Matisse, Leger, Braque and Modigliani.  They are estimated to be worth £430 million!

Dove with green peas Picasso

The six paintings are by Matisse, Leger, Modigliani and Picasso and are important pieces.  they are estimated to be worth  around £430 million! 

matisse detail La Pastorale' 1905

 The paintings stolen were Pigeon with Green Peas by Picasso; Pastoral by Henri Matisse; The Olive Tree near Estaque by Georges Braque; The Woman with the Fan by Amedeo Modigliani ; and Still Life with Chandeliers by Fernand Leger. 

The six paintings are by Matisse, Leger, Modigliani and Picasso and are important pieces.  they are estimated to be worth  around £430 million!  The paintings stolen were Pigeon with Green Peas an important early piece of cubism by Picasso; Pastoral, a plein air painting by Henri Matisse in his Fauvist period. 

still life with candlestick by Fernand Leger detail

 The Olive Tree near Estaque by Georges Braque who was inspired by Cezanne and developed his own Fauvist style as well as inventing  cubism with Picasso. 

 The Woman with the Fan by Expressionist Amedeo Modigliani  and Still Life with Chandeliers by Fernand Leger who became a leading member of the cubist movement in 1912.   The theft is thought to be the biggest Art Heist ever.

Modigliani Woman with fan
Braque image from here, Modigliani here, Leger here
Read about the biggest art heists in history here  more images from here


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10 thoughts on “Art for Arts sake?

  1. They say they may have had inside help from the underpaid museum workers. No wonder they’re underpaid if these museums have to keep paying to get their kidnapped pictures back….
    Apparently, art like this is used in big drugs currency!
    So much for art for arts sake eh

  2. Yes, the stolen art does bother me, however, does it bother anyone else that these six paintings are valued at so much? The total value is probably higher than the gross national product of a few countries. I have been watching big ticket art lead the way as money becomes more and more abstract to the point of losing any relevant connection to the “real world”.

  3. It’s ridiculous isn’t it really! These works of art are just commodities, a form of currency – not at all appreciated for what they are, but how they translate into money. These important paintings which were painted with passion and enthusiasm heralding exciting breakthroughs- now represent something quite ugly. Sad.
    At least Hirst has makes no pretension…..:)

  4. how irresponsible. this is something that the claims for fail-proof security system must be reviewed and modified. thieves sneak in when you least expect them.

  5. Yes, this is one area that they should NOT skimp on to save money as it will prove costly in the long run….. I’m sure I read that some past stolen paintings have never been recovered. Sad

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