Cheesy Art?

Some people think that Elvis is a little cheesy.  I don’t, I can quite see why people like him – he exudes glamour and talent.  The art is by and the artist paints with cheese puffs on velvet.  Yes, that’s right – cheese puffs!  From what I can see, he sorts the puffs into different tones (you thought they were all yellowy orange didn’t you?) well, this wouldn’t seem to be the case judging by this video.  First the artist draws Elvis using a cheesy puff, next comes colour.  I must say I’m quite bemused by this – and find it quite entertaining:)

7 thoughts on “Cheesy Art?

  1. Hhehe! Everytime I think I’ve seen it all – something like this turns up! I’ll never look at cheese puffs in the same way! Glad you enjoyed that Lelsie 🙂

  2. Very amusing! I especially liked how the artist’s fingertips turned yellow as the work progressed. Do you have anything in Dorito art?

  3. No, but I found an artist painting with MacDonald’s ketchup using a french fry! (honest!) What got me was the different tones of cheesy puffs he used! From caveman to present day – man will draw with whatever’s at hand – amazing:)

  4. That drive to make a mark of some kind on a surface of some type…is what keeps me going as an artist.

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