A postcard from London

Just a short slide show of some of the places we went to and the sights we saw in our recent trip to London.  From treasures of the V and A which would fill a whole post,  to the Ten Bells pub in Spitalfields where some of Jack the Ripper’s victims frequented…..

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6 thoughts on “A postcard from London

  1. Thanks for looking Leslie 🙂 The Ten Bells one came out a bit blurred due to the traffic. I have lots of pics in the V and A, where you are actually allowed to take pics, not like some museums.

  2. Enjoyed the postcards and the poem too! Here in the former colonies, we would love to have that connection to history and culture that the UK has. I was in a restaurant here recently and the decor was just a mish-mash of styles raided from history. Sort of like that Aesop fable about the crow who used other birds’ feathers to look better than he was.

  3. Hheh the new name for mish mash is ‘eclectic’ 🙂 That V and A though is something else Al! This was the second time I’d been, husband first time – we saw a fraction (lots of pics). This is all free too, though obviously you give a donation (and who wouldn’t). The treasures in there – you could spend years and years just studying – and some people do. there’s Asia room, Medieval rooom, China room ect ect wonderful stuff! A lot of it was ‘aquired’ and donated. A time capsule

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