Reptilian Window Gazing

delightful shoes (at delightful prices.....)

You can’t go to London without window shopping – you just can’t help but gasp at the wonderful window displays.  I always wanted to be a window dresser and much admire the artistry which goes into these displays.

Who wouldn't want to use this door handle?

One of the best streets for this is Regent Street and Old Bond Street.  Home to Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen among many other world-class names.

Lizard lady at McQueens

Here’s a few photos we took of these shops.  I had to have a pic of the Alexander McQueen shoes – unbelievable!

shoe detail

more of the serpent look

At the moment McQueen has gone very serpentine with the snake skins and reptilian look.  this makes for very colourful clothes and accessories – quite chameleon like and changeable – just like fashion! 

Alexander McQueen Old Bond Street London

see the McQueen new looks here…and sigh

Alexander McQueen shop here

8 thoughts on “Reptilian Window Gazing

  1. Shoessssssssssssssssss [drool drool drool]

    Those McQueen serpent atrocities are inspired from China. They used stuff like that there to keep the young girl’s feet from growing. Imagine that! I’m all for fashion, but when shit like this is sold (and for big money!) I’m rapidly out of the game. You have to be fuckin nuts to wear something like that. :-)))

  2. I know those binding shoes you mention jadepaloma. Who could seriously walk in these though surely? seriously?…and stop swearing or I’ll be round to smack your bottie 🙂 🙂

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