London belonged to me – for a bit

Iggy Pop

We’ve just come back from London where we spent a few days.  We crammed a lot into those days (as usual).  We managed to see the Rock legend Iggy Pop in concert at Hammersmith Apollo (excellent energy!).   We went to a wonderful perfume shop (recommended by Jadepaloma).  Perfume and Iggy Pop – interesting  juxtaposition eh?

Ormonde Jayne comes highly recommended


We went to the V and A Museum and took lots and lots of pictures….in fact each once could be a separate post.  We went to Dennis Severs House (which I shall be doing a piece about, and which I hope you find as interesting as we did).  We went on a ‘Secret London’ walk that lasted two hours and found out lots of interesting facts.

Billy Childish

Plus we were in time to see the Billy Childish exhibition at the ICA.  Billy Childish is another interesting person who I need to write about.  We went in the French House in Soho as usual, got ripped off with what we unlaughingly refer to as ‘Turpin Taxis’ – though at least he had the courtesy to wear a mask!  Lots to write about plus a new category……..

Dennis Severs pic from here

Iggy Pop pic from Here

Billy Childish pic here

8 thoughts on “London belonged to me – for a bit

  1. What can I say? Great days! So glad you enjoyed yourselves. You should do this more often! 😉

  2. We might go again later in the year Jadepaloma. There’s so much to do there – always something happening. Wished we lived in the South instead of the grim North hehehe 🙂

  3. It sounds like an amazing trip! I just happened upon your blog and was instantly jealous at all you experienced. Those are things I love doing when travelling.

  4. I’m Bored…I’m Chairman of the Bored…well, that was my weak attempt at an Iggy Pop lyric! Love his music. Sounds like you had a great time in London and looking forward to those posts!

  5. I shall put more on Leslie – great to hear you like his art like we do! He refers to himself as a ‘Weekend painter’ (though he studied with Tracy Emin and is famous for being her boyfriend). He has made over 100 albums and is a poet. he is also dyslexic. More coming soon 🙂

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