Putting the Nuts in May

Nuts in May

It’s May Day when I’m writing this, but the 2nd of May when you shall see it.  Now what can I post for May Day?  I thought.  Something to do with the Queen of the May?  Something about the distress signal Mayday?  Then I thought of the 1976 film  ‘Nuts in May’, where two ‘hippies’  go camping with hilarious results.  The film was written by Mike Leigh and starred Roger Sloman as the self rightous Keith and Alison Steadman as very serious Candice Marie. 

Keith puts this lawbreaker in his place

One of my favorite bits in the play is where Candice Marie is singing with her guitar about the perils of eating meat.  There’s one line in there ‘Liver makes me shiver’ which really makes me laugh out loud!  Unfortunately, I can’t find a clip of that song, so the ‘zoo’ song will have to suffice.  There’s some marvellous lines in ‘Nuts in May’ – one of them about smoking ‘If I could take your lung out Ray – and put it on the table and cut it in half….. then you would see the damage… (words to that effect).  I had almost forgotten about the purple hot water bottle  shaped like a kitten, that Candice Marie calls Prudence…   Alice Steadman is famous for a lot of roles, especially Abigail’s party (also penned by Mike Leigh) and as Mrs Bennet in the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice.

A plot summary of the film is here

film clip by ruffledme

A very good review of this film and analogy is written here –  on this blog, and has some good images

8 Responses to “Putting the Nuts in May”

  1. I can’t believe I’ve seen or even heard of this film. I will have to check it out. Hope you had a happy may day 🙂

  2. Its quite an obscure film – but cringingly funny! Happy May Day to you too Kirsty 🙂

  3. Mayday MAYDAY. lol.
    Thats a cool film clip.

  4. Glad you liked it K 🙂 – threre’s another clip called ‘angry man’ where Keith loses it and goes berserk on the campsite somewhere 🙂

  5. jadepaloma Says:

    Good to know most people spent Mayday laughing, and not nourishing the daisies from above as I did :-)))) Can’t wait for you to be back and report on that fragrant trip to Tom Ford!

  6. dustus Says:

    This film looks really funny. “‘I want to see the zoo,’ he said.” lol Hilarious. Poor Ray.

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