Not a leg to stand on – caught on the hop!

A Pink Collins – one I drunk earlier

You know if you read my blog regularly, that I always schedule my posts.  There  is a reason for that..what was it?  ANYWAY I’ve been out tonight and I have some postss lined up for when I am away. (which is soon) 

  But I’ve been out tonight..

  A couple of weeks ago,We  discovered a vodka bar… and had a pretty good time there.  I said at the time (and forgot about it, which is typical of me) that I would go back and work my way through the vodka menu…and (guess what a selective memory I have..) I did.. which IS typical of me (the working my way back to…).  

I drank  different vodka’s  – what? – coming soon!

7 thoughts on “Not a leg to stand on – caught on the hop!

  1. Now you got us all hooked. Though I almost do not drink at all. And when I do, it’s usually white wine, prosecco, or cognac. Maybe a bit of Bailey’s. [By this time nobody in their right mind still believes that i usually do not drink.] :-)))

    1. Trust you to drink something tasteful Jadepaloma heheh! Its times this that I usually give up drinking (5 years last time), but smoking went (2 years now) and at one point there was no smoking AND no drinking…well, one just HAD to come back – I was sprouting wings!..and the colour did not suit me (grey) 🙂

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