Watched – Bunny Lake is Missing’

Bunny Lake is Missing

I’ve had this DVD for some time, and watched it once a long time ago.  Last night I decided to re watch it.  It’s a very strange atmospheric film.  It stars Laurence Olivier, Keir Dullea, Carol Lynley, Martitia Hunt (the original Miss Haversham in David Lean’s ‘Oliver Twist’)  Anna Massey and Noel Coward among others.  This 1965 film has been billed as a psychological drama, a mystery thriller and was written by John Mortimer, Penelope Mortimer, based on a novel by Marryam Modell.  It was directed by Otto Preminger.

Carol Lynley (Ann) in Bunny Lake is Missing

  It tells the tale of Ann an  American single mother and her daughter Bunny.  They have just moved to London and after enrolling Bunny in school, Anna leaves the girl under the Cook’s care because she has to meet the removal men.  Later when she goes to pick the child up – there seems to be no record of her ever existing.

Laurence Olivier as the Inspector

 The story gets more and more baffling.  Ann’s Brother Steven, (Keir Dullea) a journalist, lends a hand, filling the police inspector (Laurence Olivier) in with details.  An old woman in the attic of the school who plays with the taped voices of children, a dollmaker with a house of dolls and the odd fact that Bunny is also the name of Ann’s imaginary childhood friend are just some of the baffling ingredients of this film.

Anne and Noel Coward

Poor Ann – no one believes that she ever had a daughter.  No one seems to have ever seen her (including the viewer, I may add)  apart from her brother Steven.  Another odd character in this film is the weird landlord, sleazy, nosy and creepy and played by Noel Coward – a strange fellow, but the least of Ann’s worries. 

Keir Dullea (Steven)


 Music by 60s band The Zombies provide the background music. This film has now reached cult status even though it had bad reviews at the time of release.  It was re released on DVD  2005.  A very unusual 1960s film, eerie and haunting.

About the director and this film here

Keir image from here

7 thoughts on “Watched – Bunny Lake is Missing’

  1. I had to go straight to Amazon and order that film. The cast and story appeals to me and I am looking forward to seeing it. Thanks.

  2. One of my favorite movies is a somewhat similar story. It’s called Not Without My Daughter and it focuses on the disappearance of a girl, kidnapped by her fanatic Islamic father, and the struggles of the mother to regain the child and escape with her through the mountains back into ‘civilization’. I don’t do much movie watching, but there are a couple of things I love. Maybe I’ll draw up a top five of all-time favorite movies. And select a perfume for each of the protagonists, just as a scented bonus 😉

  3. I’ve seen this film Jadepaloma – it’s heartbreakingly good. I think that’s a cool idea for a category 🙂 look forward to seeing that!
    You could do a quiz – what is ? wearing..or what is Jadepaloma wearing? describe your mood and clothes and give a choice of perfumes 🙂

  4. Never heard of this film, but the cast members are outstanding. I’ll look this one up, thanks!

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