Weird and Wacky Andre Perugia – Strange shoes

Andre Perugia 1920s shoes

We’ve not had any strange shoes for quite a while – so here’s  some new ones I found recently.  Incidently I had half an inch taken off some heels of mine recently.  It may be only half an inch, but they difference this makes to actually being able to walk in these shoes is amazing:)

Andre Perugia homage to Picasso sandel

French shoe designer Andre Perugia  (1893 -1977) is a designer I’ve only just discovered and already I am very much intrigued by these designs.  He worked with many top designers including Hubert De Givenchy.  The shoe above is called ‘Homage to Picasso’, and I think I can see the artist’s  iconic Dove of peace’s influence at work here.

picasso dove of peace

This heelless shoe is not for those who are scared of heights!  If you want to experience what it’s like to be a ballerina and walk on points – then these must have been ideal!

andre perugia heeless shoe

There’s something fishy about these shoes 😉  What a strange subject matter – even though the leather fish is beautifully designed and worked.  There are lots more of this designers quirky shoe styles  here

Andre Perugia fish

Biography and wonderful rare images here

Beautiful bygone fashion site here (1920s she image)

Picasso shoe from here

Fish shoe image here

Heeless shoe image from here

4 thoughts on “Weird and Wacky Andre Perugia – Strange shoes

  1. Ok, usually I do pay attention to design, but with most women’s shoe styles…what are we looking at? I’ve seen shoe collections where one black shoe pretty much looks like another? At least the shoes in your post had that something “extra’ going for them. Signed, Mystified Male

    1. It’s OK to be mystified Al – in fact it’s better that you remain that way 🙂 Some shoes defy gravity – why do we keep buying them so high when we can’t walk in them? another mystery. The fish shoe is surreal, the sort of thing Dali would have approved of (and probably wore himself 🙂 )

      Great comment – as always!

    1. I don’t know if these women are so much bred as ‘programmed’ Kirsty. First they are put into a trance then they have to walk on rice paper – then when they can snatch the pebbles from the Masters hand (or was it eyes?) – they are ready 🙂 🙂 Have you noticed, all the most impractical shoes are designed by men…..
      Thanks for you visit Kirsty – always appreciated 🙂

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